A fascinating approach to keep Covid-19 at Bay.


Covid-19, the cause for thousands of deaths and millions of infected, has changed our day to day life like never before. Due to the virus each and every one of us have been affected one way or the other. Social Interactions, Personal Hygiene, Online Learning and Working faced huge impacts and now usual habits and perspectives have almost changed forever.

“Wash, wash, wash your hands” has become the prime slogan as the first and easiest step to keep ourselves from getting infected by the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization suggests to wash our hands frequently with soap water for at least 20-30 seconds. If you’re using a hand sanitizer which contains at least 60% of alcohol, they also suggest rubbing your hands together for 20-30 seconds until your hands feel dry.

Business Case

Since we haven’t used this often hand washing habit before, it is somewhat difficult to follow this personal hygienic precautionary method consistently. We do not follow the standard hand washing pattern prescribed by the WHO or we do not wash hands until the suggested time duration or to make things worse we almost forget or intentionally neglect to wash our hands. Even though it is strongly suggested and easy to follow, for no reason, things are not happening in the way we expect.

smart watch


In order to encourage hand washing habits by following the standard hand washing pattern and to record the activities based on it, we at SenzMate jointly worked with a foreign client to develop a Smart Watch to encourage the user to efficiently follow the hand washing practices. This simple hand held device which is worn by the user for most of the time per day, will be an ideal device to overcome the problems to improve the existing hand washing habits as per the WHO guidelines.

Action Taken

The Smart Watch by Senzmate, will remind the users to wash their hands from time to time at intervals set according to their preference. Therefore, users won’t have to remind themselves to do this activity, the smart watch will do that for you. It will also track the records of hand washing duration and frequency and the users can check their hand washing activities from the recorded data history. The smart device reminds the user to wash their hands in case they forget and persuades the users to enhance their hand washing habits by following the standard time and washing procedures. Synced with a dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android, the users can retrieve their past hand-washing records along with other personal data in their own profile.

wearable device


At a glance this wearable device minimizes the negligence of users in hand washing. It improves the chances of being self-protected from Covid-19 by following simple but highly effective personal handwashing habits and minimizes the spread of viruses to our loved ones. It does not just minimize the chances of getting infected with Covid-19 but it also protects the user from other communicable diseases such as respiratory infections, influenza viruses, Salmonella bacterial diseases & so on.