SenzMate IoT Solutions
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Magma IoT Platform
MAGMA is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for IoT applications. It empowers developers to seamlessly connect, create, and deploy enterprise-ready IoT applications. The plug and play design of MAGMA enables easy integration of different type of embedded systems, cloud services, cloud analytics and user applications as per different business requirement.
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Polar automates the environmental monitoring of inventories during storage and transportation to maintain their safety and quality. Our system enables real-time sensor-driven decisions to gain actionable insight and to automate checklists to ensure compliance, quality control, and risk management. The proactive approach helps our clients to protect their brand name.
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SenzAgro is a climate smart agriculture technology based product. We offer farmers a powerful combination of advanced soil sensor technology and cloud-based agro analytics that integrates with automated irrigation systems. It helps farmers to increase crop yield and to reduce water, fertilization and energy costs.
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Mosurance is a leading connected car solution provider delivering services and analytics to insurers and fleet companies. Mosurance has its cloud-based Usage Based Insurance platform which has received industry acclaim for its ability to offer customers data reveal insurance premiums. It gathers varied behaviour patterns of drivers and visualizes the data.
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SolarTrack is a SCADA platform for centralized monitoring of solar plants. It provides the best inverter-agnostic performance monitoring to identify the underperformance of solar PV plants. Our system enables less downtime and maximized power production through remote monitoring and real-time error detection. Hence the productivity and efficiency of the solar plant operations.
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