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Do you dream into an IoT related idea !!! Lets have a coffee and make your idea comes to life


IoT based Solutions

IoT solutions on top of our Magma IoT platform for enterprises to improve their effciency.


Reasearch and Development in IoT

Partnering with industries to solve their problems using IoT based Data Analysis


IoT based Consultant Services

Providing guidance to industries to improve their efficiency in their process using new IoT technologies.

IoT For Sectors

Our best of breed solutions and framework enables IoT communication like no one else does. Giving you ability to harness power of "Internet of Things" and achieve multi fold improvement in effectiveness of your business processes. Overtime we have identified existing problems across multiple sectors which could have been solved by new IoT technologies and offering most innovative systems solutions.

  • Smart Hotels
  • Smart Logistics
  • Smart Warehouses
  • Smart Agro
  • Smart Exports
  • Smart Industries
  • Smart Insurances
  • Know more

What We Provide

We provide easy configurable and user friendly solution which enhance business efficiency for corporate.

Easy Configurable IoT Kits

There are three type of kits : IoT Sensor Kit, IoT Coordinator Kit and IoT Standalone Kit. All can be easily configurable in any place.

User Friendly Mobile Application

Our mobile applications are user friendly. Clients can install our mobile applications to simplify getting notifications and alerts.

Responsive Web Application

Our web applications for clients are mobile friendly. So users can easily access for application from any kind of smart phones and computers.

Instant Alerts

Users gets instant alerts via SMS when any criticals happens.

Instant Maintenance Service

The whole continuous maintenance service is given for industries. Any problem related to our system will be resolved with 24 hours

Secure Data Management

Every data from your accounts are secured. The history data from your devices are stored to simplify your analysis.

Data Analysis

Our system uses the history of data from your devices to predict the criticals.

Real Time Data

Our applications ensure the real time data for clients without any delay. It helps for clients to react to criticals immediately.

Customized Solutions

Each and Every industries have their own unique problems. We deliver customized solutions to industries if they requested.


"SenzMate is a Sri Lankan based Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) solution company which provides end to end solutions for enterprise applications. It mainly focus on enterprise, telematic and agriculture related applications where IoT could enhance the efficiencies a lot.

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