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Mosurance insight allow motor insurers to drastically reduce motor claims loss by empowering motor insurers with behavior data. It improves drivers driving behavior, thus creating safer roads and lowering risks.




Usage based Insurance Network

Mosurance builds a vehicular network using its OBD based Kits to get real time data from each and every vehicle. The vehicular network directly communicates with our cloud platform “Magma” which is where the magic happens. The real time data is processed with big data analysis and the following features necessary for User Based Insurances are extracted from the processing.


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Usage based insurance


Mosurance allows motor insurers to drastically reduce motor claims loss by empowering motor insurers with behavior data. It improves driver’s driving behavior, thus creating safer roads and lowering risks. By providing usage based insurance, the Insurance company treats the good drivers fairly.

Value Added Services

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Mosurance provides you the ability to enable and access many value added services which suits you personally. Instant claim process, roadside assistance / breakdown service, real-time driving tips & alerts, geo fencing & theft alert, location sharing, vehicle maintenance tips and more.


Value Proposition For Insurance

Fraud Claim Avoidance
Increased Customer Aquicision
Increased Client Retention
Reduced Operational Cost
Brand Image - Social Impact
Retaining Less Risky Customers
Reduced Frequency of Claims
Potential Benefits with Time
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Benefits you get with Mosurance

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With a great team, Mosurance is ready to support millions of vehicle owners around the world.

With our own technologies and a team that excels in unique creativity, commitment and passion, Mosurance is always ready to make the whole insurance process easier for the customers.

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Mosurance is a telematic solution provider for the Insurance industry which builds a vehicular network using it's OBD2 based devices. These devices sends sensor data in real-time directly to the “MAGMA” IoT platform where the magic happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Usage - Based insurance?

The system monitors the driving pattern of the driver and accumulates points and a star rating for the user profile. Based on the rating, the accumulated points and the miles driven the insurance premium amount will vary.

Will Mosurance provide maintenance & support?

Yes, free maintenance services and on demand support services will be provided 24/7. In case of any malfunctions, the system will create an automated alert and send it across the maintenance team.

Who needs the Mosurance?

Anyone who owns more than one vehicle and not using them often or wants to pay insurance premiums only for the exact usage of the vehicle.

How does Mosurance add values more than from existing typical systems?

Cut costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve safety by improving driving behaviour.

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