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Applying AI-Powered LLM Models For Medical Applications


AI-driven treatment planning tools use advanced algorithms to create personalized plans based on a patient's medical history, genetics, and treatment responses. Complementing this, Medical Language Models (LLMs) efficiently generate accurate medical reports, freeing up healthcare professionals for other essential tasks and enhancing overall patient care.

    Key Features

    • 1AI-powered treatment planning tools
    • 2Generating medical reports
    Applying AI-Powered LLM Models For Medical  Applications


    • 120% Improved Accuracy in reporting
    • 230% improvement on personalized patient care

    Technologies Used

    Technology 1stability.aiOpenAIPaLM 2LiamaIndexLlama2-7B Chat ModelPrivate commercial LLMWeb & Mobile Technologies

    Wireless temperature and environmental monitoring solution


    Allow healthcare facilities to leverage one network to ensure all departments meet compliance standards and prevent product loss. Recording and tracking environmental data remotely, Use cases

    • Vaccination storage
    • Sperm banks
    • Pharmaceutical storage
    • Medical storage

    Key Features

    • 1Alarms and monitoring system
    • 2Sample tracking system
    Wireless temperature and environmental monitoring solution


    • 1Eliminate overtime maintenance fees - 20%
    • 2Reduce labor costs - 40%
    • 3Protest against human error

    Technologies Used

    Wireless sensorsLora wireless networkNB-IoTReactReact NativeSpringBoot

    BioThermal detection for internal injury monitoring


    Biotherm Gauge’ to determine the extent of that particular injury in the field of sports through a web app dashboard. It determines the degree of the damage through the real-time analysis of the data stream and provides all pertinent insights quickly and precisely.

      Key Features

      • 1Detect internal injury or fracture immediately to take the necessary steps.
      • 2AI-based recovery period evaluation.
      BioThermal detection for internal injury  monitoring


      • 130% improved accuracy than the existing IR-based devices

      Technologies Used

      STM32pythonCTechnology 4NumPylearnspring bootmongoDBReactMQTTIoT based Sensor technologiesPattern MiningIoT Platform and Realtime processing

      Patient Wandering System for Dementia Sufferers


      The patient wandering system is a Low Energy (BLE) beacon, which is worn permanently by the residents in the form of a wristband. That includes the location and name of the affected person. Conditions and actions are defined via the web-based portal.

        Key Features

        • 1Monitor patients, indoor moments and heat map logging.
        • 2Fall detection and alert generation
        • 3Guide nurses to situations
        • 4Detailed reporting about nursing home services
        Patient Wandering System for Dementia Sufferers


        • 1Reliable monitoring
        • 2Proactive alerts
        • 3Patient centric approach

        Technologies Used

        JavaLoRaReactspring bootTechnology 5pythonPaLM 2STM32MQTTmongoDBBLE + LoRa Mesh technologiesBeacon + Tag technologiesML based indoor heat map generationAdvance MED-Palm

        Physical therapy home exercises program guide application


        Based on uploaded video by a patient, through React Native, tracks exercise activities for physically challenged patients. Powered by SenzMatica's AI Engine, it allows real-time progress analysis, easy report sharing with doctors for self-evaluation. Patients can also report needed medical requirements as per their treatment.

          Key Features

          • 1Real-time progress analysis
          • 2Real time feedback for exercise
          • 3Medication reports
          • 4Real time chat between Patient and Therapist
          Physical therapy home exercises program guide application


          • 1Highest accuracy
          • 2Self evaluation

          Technologies Used


          Wearable health tech


          Oh, Band is an advanced AI-based wearable band and smart platform designed to help sync and visualize user data around their day-to-day hand hygiene behaviour. The app is designed to give health sector frontline workers the ability to review and understand their current hand washing patterns and work towards improvements in reducing infection spread to others.

            Key Features

            • 1Tailor made for healthcare regulations
            • 2Embedded AI powered robust system
            • 3Ultra-low power consumption
            • 4Wearable technologies
            Wearable health tech


            • 1Low power consumption
            • 2Efficient hygiene monitoring

            Technologies Used

            Wearable technologiesEmbedded AI technologiesEdge computingWeb & Mobile Technologies

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            Helps bring medical services to your fingertips through Apps telemedicine and wearables. Such as Wearable devices, Mobile health (mHealth) apps, Electronic health records (EHRs).

            Medical Devices

            Using Technology to help physicians diagnose and treat patients. Such as MRI Technology, Glucose Monitor, Robotic Surgery.

            Digital Therapeutic

            Evidence based therapeutic interventions driven by SW to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. Such as Digital treatment and Improve health functions.

            Digital Physical Therapy

            Physical therapy delivered through technology. Such as App Based tools, Video and Vision and AI based feedback.

            How might healthcare benefit from artificial intelligence (AI)?

            Post covid there is a substantial transformations in the operations of medical providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

            Enhancements in machine learning (ML) algorithms, augmented data accessibility, cost-effective hardware, and the widespread availability of 5G have all played roles in the expanding utilization of AI within the healthcare domain, hastening the rate of transformation. AI and ML technologies possess the capacity to analyze vast quantities of health-related data—ranging from medical records and clinical trials to genetic details—significantly faster than human capabilities allow.

            SenzMate AIoT | Where Science Meets Humanity


            We assist health tech founders fulfilling the fundamental desires that every individual holds regarding the healthcare system: accessibility, quality of interaction, and results.

            Individuals require convenient, fair, and affordable access to healthcare, irrespective of their geographical location. In an age where personalized and convenient services are prevalent in sectors like finance and retail, individuals anticipate a similar level of service in healthcare.

            Enhancing access to health services and refining the user experience significantly contributes to enhanced healthcare, ultimately resulting in more favorable outcomes.

            We aid our clientele in tackling these crucial priorities through smart, cloud-based solutions. These solutions augment resource capabilities, enhance workforce efficiency, integrate data for tailored services across various platforms, and elevate the standards of care and treatment.

            Collaborating with prominent healthcare players, providers, and public health institutions worldwide, we are placing individuals at the core of healthcare, striving to enrich healthcare experiences universally.


            What we bring to the table.

            SenzMate AIoT Lab offers a full range of services in Strategy, Consulting, Operations and Technology that help deliver more personalized healthcare and better patient outcomes.


            Award Winning future ready technology stack

            SenzMate AIoT provides a solution by deploying advanced chatbots empowered with IoT , deep learning, machine learning, and LLM through its AI Assistant. This technology ensures healthcare providers focus on essential tasks while patients receive prompt responses to inquiries, enhancing accessibility and mitigating feelings of isolation. SenzMate AIoT's AI Assistant efficiently processes queries, locates optimal solutions, and conducts transactions, ensuring a seamless and responsive healthcare experience.

            monitor screen

            Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the potential
            to enhance the efficiency of healthcare operations.


            Healthcare organizations are using AI to improve the efficiency of all kinds of processes, from back-office tasks to patient care. The following are some areas of how SenzMate AIoT services are used to benefit staff and patients:

            Administrative workflow

            AI frees up healthcare professionals from tedious administrative tasks like note-taking, coding, and billing, allowing them to focus on what matters most: patient care.

            Patients Embrace AI Support

            Study revealed that a whopping 64% of patients are comfortable using AI-powered virtual nursing assistants for continuous access to support similar to what nurses provide.

            Fraud prevention

            Healthcare fraud costs $380 billion yearly, burdening consumers. AI detects billing irregularities, spotting overcharges, unbundled procedures, and unnecessary tests for insurance gain.

            AI optimizes diagnostic efficiency in healthcare

            AIoT aids healthcare diagnoses by swiftly analyzing vast patient data, offering quicker insights. Its pattern recognition and analysis enhance accuracy, enabling faster and more efficient diagnoses, potentially revolutionizing healthcare efficiency.

            AI reducing dosage errors

            Especially in patients self administering medications. An AI tool could detect errors in how patients use insulin pens or inhalers, minimizing inaccuracies in medication administration.

            Better health monitoring and preventive care with AioT

            AI tools like big data and machine learning assist in analyzing vast datasets, aiding clinical decisions. Moreover, AI tracks infectious diseases like COVID-19, Parkinson and stroke and enhancing disease management.


            Case Study



            Sports injuries are prevalent, and there are a variety of tablets, sprays, and other treatments available to treat them. However, the real challenge is that most injuries are not visible. In this situation, we all know from experience that there is internal damage to the tissue or muscle, and the severity of the injury cannot be determined on the spot. Numerous researches have been done to identify the risk factors for injuries.



            Covid-19, the cause for thousands of deaths and millions of infected, has changed our day to day life like never before. Due to the virus each and every one of us have been affected one way or the other. Social Interactions, Personal Hygiene, Online Learning and Working faced huge impacts and now usual habits and perspectives have almost changed forever.


            Digital Physical Therapy

            With the rising prevalence of obesity and bad lifestyle choices, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, most adults are likely to experience some physical discomfort. As the world adapts to the digitization of healthcare, there is a rising demand for a few patients to receive physical therapy remotely, with some receiving only remote physical therapy and others receiving both in-person and virtual care.


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