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Key features of POLAR


Trace your goods so that you
know what went wrong & at
which point



Real-time temperature &
humidity to give your food
products its optimum conditions



Receive on time alerts about
your equipment &
temperature fluctuations


Driver Behavior

Ensure safe driving patterns
of the driver which helps to
reduce food spoilage



Provides the best & cost -
efficient routes in collection &

For both small and large scale supply chains

Worldwide Target areas




Key Benefits with Polar

Both the corporation and the end customer is benefited

24/7 Monitoring

Constantly monitor real-time temperature in cold rooms, chillers and refrigerators at all times during processing, preservation, storing, packing and even transportation. Free your staff from the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually recording cold storage readings. Reduced shrinkage and predicted shelf time can be achieved.

Increased Product Quality

With automated monitoring and thresholds which are unique to each product a higher quality can be achived resulting in increased shelf time of foods with minimized wastage. The company's overall profitability is increased and safety of food is ensured from start to the end.

Trace/ Track your goods

Keep an eye on your goods wherever they go from anywhere you want at any time you want. With the GPRS system integrated within the solution, get the precise location of your food. Investigators can trace sources of contamination in case of an outbreak.

Get Notified

Get alerts in real-time when an equipment is nearing the end of it’s useful life so it can be switched up before it fails and compromises the quality of food products. Alerts can be customized and sent in any medium you wish to any officer in charge within your organization.

Safety Ensured On the Go

Our solution is integrated with route optimization to find the best and cost-efficient route with the addition of driver behavior tracking to ensure safe driving patterns thus making transportation a worry less process.

Reduced Waste

With the entire cold chain process data readily available at the touch of a button, retailers are able to control and streamline the entire supply chain and improve their overall performance.

and more+ benefits.

Manage each phase of your supply chain

Keep the food items at optimum temperatures constantly from harvesting until it reaches the end customer while retaining its quality and preserving the rich benefits.

Digitalize every aspect of the supply chain

With real time alerts on fluctuations, you are able to get the relevant information and act as quickly as possible. Get to know when your equipment is nearing the end of it's useful life.


Polar in Action

The risks encountered by perishable product owners have been effectively handled owing to the Polar traceability system and user app. Also, this allows them to track products even while exporting beyond boundaries. Polar has customers all around the world.

Polar Installation in reefer truck

Customers are loving POLAR's products & services,
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"IoT based temperature monitoring solutions provided by Senzmate for our temperature controlled warehousing services has been a cost effective and reliable solution"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whom Polar is ideal?

  • Cold containers/reefer trucks providers
  • Supermarkets
  • Dairy Companies
  • Processing Companies
  • Poultry and seafood industries
  • Hotels
  • Canneries

How do Polar optimize the performance of the supply chain?

  • Reduce 30% of wastage that occurs in the cold chain system.
  • Keep track of the goods from farm to fork.
  • Increase the shelf life of perishable items.

What is the benefit for the end customer?

The customer can know the traceability of a product from farm to fork.

How alerts are generated?

Through email or SMS

How does Polar help in food safety auditing?

HACCP standard customized reports can be generated and submitted directly to the Audit firm without any human interactions and manual errors.

How Polar ensures quality standards?

  • Polar follows HACCP guidelines to generate reports.
  • Our sensors are ITI calibrated.

What about the connectivity? How data is collected?

  • Option 1 : Wifi - Collects data through wifi
  • Option 2 : GSM - Collects data through sim card.

What is the minimum contract period for OPEX models? Warranty period?

  • Minimum 1 year of contract.
  • Lifetime Warranty

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