Partnership Program - 2024

Join us in securing the quality of your products
with AI & IoT-driven Cold Chain Solution


Polar ensures your goods are transported in the best quality with full transparency!

SenzMate Polar is a traceability platform which ensures the quality & nature of the products in their original state from manufacturing till delivery to the end client. This system is used at a variety of places along the cold supply chain, including the collection center, warehouse, distribution center, cold room, reefer vehicles, containers, and cargo. This system aids to a significant reduction of wastage & the delivery of high-quality food products.

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Who can become a Polar Premium Partner?

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3PL Companies

Companies that focus on
providing outsourced
logistics services to frozen
Food Businesses.

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Cold chain system

Companies that construct/
build warehouses,containers,
cold rooms, and other
cold storage & transportation
facilities for businesses.

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Tech solution providers
for cold chain

Tech system/solution providers
to cold chain that includes,
warehouse reefer trucks,
cold rooms, freezers,chillers,
container, freight etc.

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Manufacturers &

Those that manufacture &
deliver temperature-sensitive
commodities to end users
such as hotels,
supermarkets & hospitals.

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What benefits are gained with joining this program?

Enhanced Product Portfolio
Adding new offering to your supply chain customers
Value Addition to the product
Adding new value to your existing supply chain clients on top of what you are offering already
Enabled Product Traceability
Providing customers with the end to end product transparency
Prevent Manual Errors
Eliminating issues and frauds happen in manual entries of record keeping
Access to Data driven insights
Integrating your current supply chain products with data-driven insights
Rise in Bottom Line
Increasing revenue through value-added services that guarantee quality
Preferred Branding Options
You can select co branding, rebranding, or white labeling options to integrate with your existing platform
Customization Services
You will have access to AI/IoT and software teams to get any customized services
Enrol/Get in to the program

Express your Interest to the Polar Partnership Program in 5 steps:

Submit an application to the program to go through the partner evaluation and onboarding process.
Discussion to better understand one another and to assure the potential of collaboration.
Analyze and decide whether a partnership is feasible and explore the benefits to both parties.
Go through a comprehensive onboarding process consisting of signing an NDA and agreement.
Get authorized for a free trial of Polar platform to install polar devices and use the portal
To turn leads into deals, start approaching direct clients together.
Success Stories

Our Polar Solution supports our clients' diverse requirements.



Keells is one of the largest grocery chains, with hundreds of locations. Once the harvest is done, Polar traces perishables from collection centers to distribution centers to ensure product quality from farm to fork. It sends notifications if quality parameters vary or if the power goes off, preventing perishables from being wasted.


aitken spence

For the food and beverage industries, Aitken Spence Logistics created the concept of mobile cold storage solutions employing rented reefer containers with 24-hour backup maintenance. With the use of Polar, client goods in these cold containers are monitored during the storage process which happens before exporting and after importing to ensure the quality of goods.



Frostaire is the pioneer in air conditioning and refrigeration solution provider in South Asia. Polar is used to get the transparency of goods while transporting. Polar also tracks the door open/close status of the trucks, as well as the thefts by detecting the door opening at an unusual/suspicious time.


cinnamon hotels & resorts

Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts is a major luxury hotel chain with the distinction of being a most valuable hospitality brand. We monitor the cold rooms and server rooms of Cinnamon hotels to ensure the quality of the food while it is being stored and to guarantee that the server rooms are operational.



Dole is a largest producer and exporter of fruits to the global market. They utilize our data loggers in each container to monitor the internal temperature of each container so that they and their end client can keep track of whether the bananas are in good condition.

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