Polar Ensures Banana Export Quality


Bananas are one of the healthiest, most convenient, and tasty fruits you can buy, and they're also one of the cheapest. As a result, they're a wonderful alternative for anyone who wants to eat healthy. There are many banana manufacturers and exporters also shipping and exporting bananas in containers all around the world. In supermarkets, a vast variety of banana brands are displayed on banana shelves, with 80 percent of them being imported from another country. Bananas go through the hands of a producer, exporter, importer, ripening / distributor, and retailer before reaching customers. The banana supply chain's long trip begins with banana farming and planting in the exporting country. In the process of exporting refrigerated bananas, the internal temperature of the shipping containers should be maintained properly. Normally, it takes nearly a month or more or less days to deliver bananas to end users across the country. During that time period manually monitoring the temperature can go wrong sometimes.


Business Case

It's critical to monitor the internal room temperature manually. The banana undergoes more damage as a result of temperature fluctuations. The majority of damage occurs during the supply chain's transportation process, especially when it is transferred to other nations in containers, there is a large risk of damage during shipping. The buyer has no idea what temperature the bananas were stored at, how long they will stay fresh, or when they will be fully ripe. Export industries expect to provide quality products to end customers by implementing new technologies.


Data loggers can be used to monitor the internal temperature of the containers where the bananas are stored/transported during export. Data loggers are placed within the load when shipping bananas. The data logger is only used once. Each container has one data logger, which may monitor the condition of the bananas' internal environment while they are being transported. Normally, delivering bananas to end customers across the country takes nearly a month or more or less days. Once the bananas have been delivered, the client can download a report detailing the temperatures at which the bananas were shipped throughout the export process.

Action Taken

SenzMate Polar system aided in the implementation of data loggers in each shipping container, which allowed for temperature monitoring. The final customer was able to connect the data logger to the desktop and obtain the report after receiving the banana container. The temperature data which was obtained in real time can now be used by the end user to determine the quality of bananas. This data can also be integrated with our cloud via polar web dashboard. The generated report can be uploaded to our dashboard and accessed by the supplier as well.



This Polar solution has built the trust of customers and protected the shelf-life of temperature sensitive products, specially which are sold in the supermarkets and shops. The data loggers allow users to track the temperature inside the container during shipment and make this information available to the products' receiver. Customers are pleased with the high-quality service they have received. We can use data recorders to guarantee that the optimal cold chain is maintained at all times.

Written by Sinthuja