SOLAR TRACK - Control your PV plants whenever, wherever

A centralized solar plant monitoring system brings you insights from multiple categories of inverters.

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Key features of Solar Track

Connecting Multiple types of inverters
Usually different inverters can’t be connected using one dashboard, but our system can connect with different types of inverters using just one dashboard.

24/7 Monitoring
Monitoring is a crucial asset to help optimize the overall performance and running efficiency of solar PV systems.

Proactive Maintenance
Receiving timely alerts when there are connections and electricity supply issues.

Long-term data backup
Storing and forwarding historical data so you never lose it.

Report Mechanism
The real-time data collected can be generated as a report on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Store and Export
Store and export historical data so you never lose it.

Hierarchical-based alert system
When there is a problem detected, the alert is sent to the security operation team in a hierarchical order. It depends on the availability of that person. When one person is busy, the other one is alerted. This will help us to take immediate action against the problem.

About Solar Track

Solar Track in Action

Key Benefits with Solar Track


All-in-One Monitoring

Monitoring all the Solar plants in one centralized platform


Data-driven insights

Using real-time monitoring we can improve our productivity with collected data.


Minimize financial loss

The controller can take rapid action in the event of inverter failures with the use of alert systems which ensure full-time connectivity with grids (electricity supply line)


Increased performance

supporting people in improving their operations and management strategies remotely as well as increasing asset performance and availability.

and more+ benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is Solar Track ideal?

Industrial renewable energy service providers, utility segment renewable energy plantation service providers, government entities

What is unique about Solar Track inverters?

Unlike other inverters, Solar Track can be connected with different types of inverters using one dashboard.

How are alerts notified?

Alerts are notified in a hierarchical structure.

How can the Solar Track system be connected to the inverters?

The inverters communicate with the Modbus and collect data to connect with the system.

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