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A powerful smart irrigation system with advanced soil sensor technology and
cloud-based Agricultural analytics.

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Key benefits of SenzAgro

20% More Yield

With automated grow
equipment increases the yield

40% Less Herbicide

Decrease the herbicide usage
by using the exact amounts

40% Less Water

Understand crop needs
and supply water accordingly

30% Less Labor

Almost everything is controlled
through mobile apps


Areas SenzAgro can be applied


Open Farms

Environmental conditions in open fields change constantly and therefore it directly affects the yield. At times, resources supplied might get wasted at large quantities and at times they might be inadequate. SenzAgro brings agro intelligence to open farms in order to automate the process by monitoring the environmental conditions and providing appropriate requirements.


Micro Climate Farms

Green houses, net houses and poly-tunnels need to be maintained in proper and constant environmental conditions depending on the different types of plants inside. Without the proper conditions a high yield cannot be achieved within micro climate farms.

urban farms

Urban Farms

Urban farms play a vital role in the process of providing fresh foods in cities. Vertical gardens, live walls and roof top gardens need accurate environmental conditions for plants to grow and to provide a better yield. SenzAgro automates the whole process to provide precise watering, temperature, lighting and nutrients to create the perfect environment.

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Key features that fuel SenzAgro

Powerful Monitoring

Our solution monitors your
plantations 24/7 to ensure
quality and quantity.


Targeted Treatment

With active monitoring the
solution can directly treat the
necessary plants.


Early Yield Prediction

Predicting a yield is not easy
but with SenzAgro it is possible
with stored data.

Better Yield Quality

Overall quality of the yield is
improved as everything is
done at the right time.


Efficient Resource Usage

SenzAgro can determine the
correct amounts that different
plants need.


Early Disease Detection

Our solution is built with
features to detect diseases
as early as possible.

and more+ features.


Manage all your farms
from a single place

Manage your daily farm related activities from one place, either using our dashboards system or mobile app. Work seamlessly with our evolving frequent updates.


Know where & what to do next

Get real time updates, control the irrigation systems or even switch on "auto" mode for a continuous automated service.


Hustle free farm registration

Farm manager app enables hustle free method to register your farm, choose smart irrigation methods, set timers for watering, add plots, add valves and other farm related items and activities.


SenzAgro in action

With smart irrigation and the farm manager app the day to day challenges faced by local farmers have been efficiently solved. SenzAgro has customers all around Sri Lanka. SenzAgro is able to handle from green houses to large scale crop lands and almost any type of crop.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Our calculator helps you evaluate the efficiency of your investment with us, by indicating you the measure of the annual rate of return.

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Track the workforce in large plantations

Are you a manager or supervisor at plantation? Are you responsible for driving results? Does your employee performance affect your business goals? If so, track your objectives by tracking your employees performance. Imagine a large oil palm plantation of 5000 Hectares with 4000 workers. How can you track the employees’ performance , security , the hours worked in the field and the time spent at particular area? Is it possible? If yes, how?

Trees know better! Just Listen to them!

Trees are not just for aesthetics. They play major roll in climate-proofing: they cool the air, improve physical and mental health, improve environmental quality by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, slow and filter polluted runoff, reduce flooding and soil erosion, increase property values by 10–20%, help lower crime rates in communities, reduce temperatures and the urban heat Island effect and much more.

Grow smartly – get fed by Tech

Farming and agriculture started thousands of years ago. But do you think that, today farmers will be able to fulfil the current requirements with almost limiting resources if they follow the same old farming techniques? No. Agriculture also should move with the rapidly developing technology. That is the place we will need the help of Internet of Things(IoT) in farming. As we know farming is based on managing recourses and gaining harvest...

Case Study

Does Weather Changes a menace to Agriculture? Not Anymore!

Since man knew the concept of Agriculture, he comprehended the fact that both weather and agriculture have been closely tied up in which the interpretation and prediction of weather is directly proportional to the development of agriculture. With all the extremity levels reached in agriculture technology in the current world followed...

Smart farming and Irrigation automation techniques to improve coconut/palm cultivation.

In the traditional system of irrigation followed in coconut/palm gardens such as flood irrigation, basin irrigation, etc, irrigation efficiency is only 30 to 50% due to considerable wastage of water. In addition, cost on inputs like labor and energy in adopting these systems are high. Scarcity of water , increasing cost of labor and energy are deterrents in adopting..

Technology to achieve the best yield in oyster mushroom farming.

The concept was designed to study the small scale mushroom growers in the country and to find out the problems and constraints faced by them plus the different people and institutions involved in their enterprise development. This is a perfect SME level farming opportunity which can start with minimal resources. The best condition to grow mushroom is low temperature with high humidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs SenzAgro services?

Farm, Plantation, Open Field, Vertical Farm, Green House owners.

How long will it take for installation?

Its a plug and play devices, which can be installed within few minutes.

Does SenzAgro provide consultation services?

Yes, and suggest our clients with the best possible customized automated agriculture solution.

Is it affordable for farmers?

Yes, there is no initial investment. They need to pay only the monthly subscription fee.

What is the highlight of SenzAgro farm manager application?

Automated Farming with real-time monitoring

What is the benefit of investing in SenzAgro products/services?

High yield with improved quality through optimized usage of resources and cost cuttings.

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