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Key features of FACTORYSPY



Higher quality can be achieved with automated monitoring, resulting in less time and waste. The factory's overall profitability improves, and performance of the machineries is assured from the beginning to end.

reduce waste


With the sensors attached to the machines, it is easy to analyze the number of rotations and find out the exact point where wastage occurs, the factory's overall efficiency is improved.



Frequent real-time monitoring of equipment to examine and record machine speed, material availability, downtime, and other machine irregularities. This will eliminate the time-consuming and inaccurate practice of manually documenting machine readings.


Increased Machine

Our system includes sensors that detect machine rotations, speed, downtime, material availability, and other concerns, making it the most efficient and cost-effective way to optimize machine performance, where the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of the factory is achieved.



We can actually analyze the time taken in the entire manufacturing process, as well as the exact amount of material created to give to the clients, thanks to the improved performance of the factor machines. This will enable us to offer the most cost-effective and accurate amount of material with the least amount of waste.


Key benefits of Factoryspy


Data Visualization & Reporting

Automatically generate reports on a daily basis regarding the machine performance.


Real - time Monitoring

Our solution monitors your factory machines 24/7 to assure good quality and quantity.


Proactive Maintenance

Receive timely notifications concerning downtime and fluctuations in your machinery.


Manage each phase of your Manufacturing

IIoT is changing the game for manufacturers. IIoT-connected machines capture and communicate real-time data more accurately and consistently than previously possible.. Operators, supervisors, and engineers can gain visibility into production. Engineers can take cues from the process, operator, and machine data to achieve continuous improvement and improve efficiency.

reduce wastage
store data
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Digitalize every aspect of the Manufacturing

Factoryspy Industrial Application provides real time data driven insights to optimize and improve the manufacturing operations by eliminating the process inefficiencies.

report generate
predictive maintenance

About Factoryspy


WHAT IS Industrial IoT

WHAT IS Industrial IoT

Do you want to be the first to discover the next great thing in technology? Then don't bother looking any further. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has unrivaled potential for streamlining processes and lowering costs. Industrial IoT can supplement current assets and increase labor efficiency in a variety of ways, from automation to data-driven insights...

Industrial IoT

Turning conventional into super factories with IoT 4.0 (Industry 4.0)

Industry IoT 4.0, also known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0, is the fourth industrial revolution. It is characterized by the convergence of physical and digital technologies, the use of data and analytics to drive decision-making, and the increasing automation and autonomy of machines and systems.

Case Study

How does IIoT leverage Printing and Packaging Factories?

How does IIoT leverage Printing and Packaging Factories?

In the data-driven industrial era, precisely tracking the input and output of machines and putting the data into a shared database for analysis is a must for a company to achieve real progress. By lowering human engagement and boosting electronic inputs, this can be accomplished. Stronger demand for personalization, rising customer expectations, and the ...

Frequently Asked Questions

1.To whom it is ideal?

  • Printing factories
  • Food manufacturing factories
  • Clothing factories
  • Tissue manufacturing factories
  • Tea factories

2.What are the benefits to the companies?

  • Process & Behavior monitoring
  • Increase machine utilization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Data driven performance profile of maintain service technicians

3.What is the highlight of Factoryspy manager application?

  • Automated pop up for down time selection entry
  • Easy alert setup
  • Dashboards and Report for Managers

4.What about the connectivity? How data is collected?

  • Option 1 : Wifi - Collects data through wifi
  • Option 2 : GSM - Collects data through sim card.

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