A complete, end-to-end AIoT platform.

A robust AIoT platform will be capable of integration withalmost any AI & IoT device and develop new products more quickly.

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About SenzMatica

AIoT Platform

The SenzMatica AIoT platform is at the heart of the SenzMate AI & IoT intelligence technology stack. It is a suite of software components that enables connection and information exchange between heterogeneous AIoT devices and AIoT applications. AIoT platforms are sometimes referred to as “middleware,” which underlines their functional role as that of a mediator between the hardware and application layers.

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SenzMatica Architecture

Magma Architecture
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Key Products On Top Of SenzMatica

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Components of SenzMatica

AIoT networks and multi-network connectivity

Today, there are many network technology options to connect AIoT devices. Your best network choice will depend on how and where it will be used, as well as the type of service level required. For this reason, a comprehensive AIoT platform should provide connectivity support across all major AIoT network types to offer the greatest flexibility for current and future projects. SenzMate SenzMatica is compatible with all the following communication options.

Why SenzMatica

SenzMate’s SenzMatica has a great track record that gives confidence the platform will have long-term staying power. SenzMatica AIoT Platform was built and managed by an ecosystem of best-of-breed geeks and service providers. For the past three years, SenzMatica is supporting businesses around the world. Three aspects made SenzMatica unique.


Multi-network solution development and management capabilities


Multi-network solution development and management capabilities


Multi-network solution development and management capabilities


Words from SenzMatica Trusties


"We thank SENZMATE IOT Solutions team for the delivery of timely service in developing the monitoring system for our projects. Everyone was professional, excellent, and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time using local knowledge and skill."

Roshan Devinda


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A fascinating approach to keep Covid-19 at Bay.

Covid-19, the cause for thousands of deaths and millions of infected, has changed our day to day life like never before. Due to the virus each and every one of us have been affected one way or the other. Social Interactions, Personal Hygiene, Online Learning and Working faced huge impacts and now usual habits and perspectives have almost changed forever.


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