Why is traceability needed in the cold chain?


The word “Logistics” known as the heart of the supply chain and that used be a synonymous term for the military is completely related to the subject of supplying the proper equipment to the troops. Since its evolution from the 1950s, the logistic objectives that spanned from planning, implementing to controlling the streaming of the storage of goods and services within the supply chain, has experienced a tremendous growth due to the advancement in consumerism and subsequent growth of complex supply chains through time, that occurred between the point of origin and consumption.

With a composition of several activities in logistics, the corresponding organizations that provides the cold storage services to perishable produces exporting and processing companies to their clients, had to face the major responsibility of sustaining the quality of the clients commodities, that without any compromises is directly proportional to the maintenance of the cold store containers that’s indeed provided by the logistic companies.

These kinds of maintenance necessitate legitimate and most convenient methods to create the surrounding awareness of the real time criteria that picks up the form of digital data piling from the appropriate sources that builds up the scenario to perform relevant timely decision in pursuance of retaining and improving quality of the customers’ services while preserving and upraise the reputation of the organization.

Business Case

One of the Sri Lanka’s best cold storage providers company approached SenzMate IOT Intelligence in the year 2019, and not alone but rather brought up to us the major concern that’s has caused hindrances that affected the completeness of their services in the long run. Provision of cold storage services to both branded companies and companies that are largely involved in the exports divisions where perishable produces takes the dominant proportions, hence, the quality of these perishables goods are addressed as the main concern. The logistic firm was under the obligation to assure that their clients’ produces are kept in the best condition when they arrive in the foreign market. Suppose an occurrence of failure in the promised maintenance of the quality is encountered, the results brought about would be massive dissatisfaction hence contributing to gradual reduction in trust, of the logistic services.

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To alleviate the intensity of the pressure that’s been building up in the organization in accordance of reaching the best cold storage services, the most excellent and an intelligent solution was proposed to combat all organization’s challenges. Taking into account the exact need required by the organization, the solution for the proactive management of the quality of the commodities is marked as an essential subject. This induced the introduction of SenzMate’s Cold chain Monitoring System into our client’s attention. The system produced a technical remedy to revitalize the organization in all manner of ways that enhanced the effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy , reliability in response to organization process while increasing customer satisfaction further maintaining a healthy competition among other logistic brands. The system’s outstanding traceability mechanism from farm to exports, backed up the excellence of services of quality maintenance while maintaining the most suitable environmental conditions through real-time temperature monitoring.

Action Taken

Through the whole of the deployment procedures we made sure to give more attention towards the support and service that was provided to our clients from SenzMate in order to derive the ultimate benefits from the Cold Chain Monitoring System. The deployment mechanism subsumed the external placement of the system’s devices to the refrigerated containers that was of the organization’s possession, paired with the deployment of temperature sensors within the refrigerated containers with a distance of 2 meters maintained between the system device and the temperature sensor with GPRS coordinated communication.

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SenzMate Cold Chain Monitoring System upon its application, yielded great outcomes to the organization, in response to the overcome the issues discussed under “Challenge”.

Ceaseless monitoring of the produces within the doors of the refrigerator containers and real-time alarm generations in times of negative circumstances that’s prompt according to the real-timely collected data by the temperature sensors in contribution to establish the perfect environment condition of the refrigerated containers and in return contributes to the wellness of the produces furthermore traceability mechanisms provided to guarantee the wellness of the produces from the beginning to the end in all respects of the supply chain, thus, declining the cost of labor expenditure alongside increasing the Return Of Investments (ROI).Visit the Polar product page for Senzmate's cold chain traceability solutions


What is a cold chain?

The cold chain is a temperature-controlled logistics system that guarantees the optimal preservation of temperature-sensitive products throughout their journey from production or harvest to final consumption. This meticulously managed network encompasses all stages, including storage, transportation, and handling, ensuring consistent, precise temperature control for perishable goods like food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

What Products Are Transported Through a Cold Chain?

From fresh produce to life-saving vaccines, the cold chain safeguards a vast array of goods! Food like dairy, meats, and veggies rely on it to stay fresh. Pharmaceuticals, from vital medications to delicate samples, depend on precise chills for potency. Even flowers and some industrial materials benefit from this temperature-controlled journey. Each product's specific needs, like freezing vs. chilling, dictate the exact cold chain path. Understanding these diverse demands ensures safe, high-quality deliveries across many industries!

Types of Cold Chain

1. Food Cold Chain: Freshness Delivered

The food cold chain plays a crucial role in our daily lives, transporting fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and other perishables from farm to fork. Maintaining consistent, near-freezing temperatures slows down spoilage, preserves nutritional value, and minimizes food waste.

2. Pharmaceutical Cold Chain: Preserving Potency

The pharmaceutical cold chain safeguards the efficacy and safety of life-saving drugs, vaccines, and other temperature-sensitive medications. Precise temperature control throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing to patient administration, is paramount.

3. Blood Cold Chain: A Lifeline Preserved

The blood cold chain plays a vital role in saving lives by ensuring the safe and efficient transport of blood components from donors to patients needing transfusions. Maintaining specific temperature ranges for different blood products is essential for preserving their functionality.