Smart farming and Irrigation automation techniques to improve coconut/palm cultivation.


In the traditional system of irrigation followed in coconut/palm gardens such as flood irrigation, basin irrigation, etc, irrigation efficiency is only 30 to 50% due to considerable wastage of water. In addition, cost on inputs like labor and energy in adopting these systems are high. Scarcity of water , increasing cost of labor and energy are deterrents in adopting these traditional irrigation systems. Under these circumstances, Coconut Research Institute (CRI) recommends, controlled irrigation or smart farming. Irrigation automation is the most suitable system of irrigation to coconut/palm. Smart farming and Irrigation automation methods from Senzagro enables farmers to gain the maximum yield from the farm.

Business Case

Coconut Toddy production and the quality depends on irrigation and fertilization, mainly focusing on water cycle and fertilizer rotation. The evaporate transpiration, yield and water-use efficiency are strongly affected by irrigation water volume in coconut/palm. High humid environment makes the plants more vulnerable to insect attacks.


Automatic warning system should be created to prevent human error. This should monitor and analyze mission-critical Coconut tree related data across the entire plantation while increasing the product quality by maintaining EC and soil moisture level on point. Through the analysis, SenzMate found the best yield time, scheduled and controlled the soluble fertilization rotation. So finally SenzMate provided the best automatic solution to the client.

coconut plantation
coconut farm


This Improved the client’s labor efficiency , reduced energy consumption , improved crop quality and yield. Client can access the historical data and use machine learning models to automatically adjust their equipment.