The essentiality of rigorous temperature & humidity monitoring in the Dangerous Drug Control Board.


In the circumstances of samples, suspected substances, high-sensitive narcotic products , trial samples and hazardous chemical compounds, the storage mechanism of the National Dangerous Drug Control Board, encompasses the fundamental proceedings in accordance to execute a protective atmosphere ,while steering clear of detrimental accidents. Deficit adherence in strict abidance of predefined temperature ranges for relevant chemical combinations, within the laboratory environment creates the tendency to influence improper utilization thus questioning the ultimate objective of the laboratory. Hence, the essentiality of sustainable temperature stability and consistency are represented as the most crucial measures to be considered. Meanwhile, the utility of high quality temperature and humidity monitoring systems contributes as a necessitate for the regulatory compliance, in order to maintain the storage of laboratory chemicals in diverse factors.

Business Case

Multitudinous sets of data are gathered and utilized by the National Dangerous Drug Control Board, pharmaceutical companies , anti-narcotic institutions, to analyze the identification process, reverse engineering, side effects, safety, effects of an overdose, and efficacy of the chemical substances. Besides, these institutions have been inclined to spend a significant amount of time and efforts in storing and processing the sensitive narcotic substances along with the facilitation of high-tech laboratory instruments. In regards to the storage aspects of the instruments utilized in the National Dangerous Drug Control Board, it involves myriads of parameterized recommendations (temperature, humidity, etc) to retain and sustain the reliability of such apparatus, while acknowledging the uncertainties it could deliver as a result of inadequate managements of the lab environmental standards, thus prohibiting the fatal scenario, yet with the slightest alteration, in the temperature and humidity which could lead to an irreversible loss of efficacy. Amidst, the vitality comprised in temperature and humidity standards maintenance, the institutions are subjected to face the challenges of deficiency in the availability historic data of lab environment that creates the hindrances in establishing major board decisions and judgments.



With relevance to the above context, that incorporates the awareness of the prominent role of temperature and humidity, this section covers the predominant role of SenzMate Polar System that illustrates its potentiality in high-end temperature and humidity monitoring mechanism as an auxiliary to the National Dangerous Drug Control Board.

Action Taken

The implementation of real-time monitoring devices collaborated with the temperature and humidity sensors are elevated in the peak spots of the laboratory and advanced technology machinery locations. Upon the inception of positioning the sensors and devices, therefrom, the Polar system, commences its functionality of supervision of the critical environmental with respect to any levels of (slight or extreme) changes within the walls of the facility and appropriate apparatus, with corresponding data collected 24*7 thence logged into the system. The time-based accumulated precise data with the subsequent actions of cloud upload, supports the accessibility to permitted users to view the collective set of data, regardless of the individual’s place and time. In the criterion of temperature readings observed beyond the threshold temperatures predetermined in the system, alerts are generated to acquire the attention of the respective staff, by the means of text messages to the computers, or other handheld devices. Furthermore utility of the system alerts mechanism can be extended to the maintenance and safety check scenarios as well. Hence, entirely resides the objective of our cutting-edge system, to make sure every laboratory actions procedures are carried out consistently with accurate temperature and humidity standards.

Moreover, the digitized collection of the detailed historic data, devoiding the manual activities that encloses human error, is readily obtainable in the comprehensive formats paired together with ultra-stable platforms rendering the clients the best performance, durability and experience.

storage system


The sensor data marshalled round the clock and the processing of the data with the high-throughput algorithms and analytics of the information, from the SenzMate Polar, state of the art system, bestowed the achievements of the helpful insights, in combination with sustained ,potency and integrity while preventing the catastrophic, spoilages and deterioration, of the stored medicative drugs thus asserting the quality and safety of medications is guaranteed in the overall period of validity. Data Driven strategic decisions in regards to the optimize performance along with the acknowledgement of the basis of former failures aids in the process of neutralizing the unfavorable criterion. Meanwhile any leak or error that is causing a surge or reduction in temperature is corrected in due time to prevent all sorts of detriment with the utilization of the proactive alerts system functionality. In totality, the most significant benefit encountered by the National Dangerous Drug Control Board is that the proficiency and excellency of the SenzMate Polar system has successfully contributed to the intensely enhanced the Return Of Investment(ROI) of the board.