Track the workforce in large plantations

Are you a manager or supervisor at plantation? Are you responsible for driving results? Does your employee performance affect your business goals? If so, track your objectives by tracking your employees performance. Imagine a large oil palm plantation of 5000 Hectares with 4000 workers. How can you track the employees’ performance , security , the hours worked in the field and the time spent at particular area? Is it possible? If yes, how?

Trees know better! Just Listen to them!

Trees are not just for aesthetics. They play major roll in climate-proofing: they cool the air, improve physical and mental health, improve environmental quality by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, slow and filter polluted runoff, reduce flooding and soil erosion, increase property values by 10–20%, help lower crime rates in communities, reduce temperatures and the urban heat Island effect and much more.

Grow smartly – get fed by Tech

Farming and agriculture started thousands of years ago. But do you think that, today farmers will be able to fulfil the current requirements with almost limiting resources if they follow the same old farming techniques? No. Agriculture also should move with the rapidly developing technology. That is the place we will need the help of Internet of Things(IoT) in farming. As we know farming is based on managing recourses and gaining harvest...

Case Study

Does Weather Changes a menace to Agriculture? Not Anymore!

Since man knew the concept of Agriculture, he comprehended the fact that both weather and agriculture have been closely tied up in which the interpretation and prediction of weather is directly proportional to the development of agriculture. With all the extremity levels reached in agriculture technology in the current world followed...

Smart farming and Irrigation automation techniques to improve coconut/palm cultivation.

In the traditional system of irrigation followed in coconut/palm gardens such as flood irrigation, basin irrigation, etc, irrigation efficiency is only 30 to 50% due to considerable wastage of water. In addition, cost on inputs like labor and energy in adopting these systems are high. Scarcity of water , increasing cost of labor and energy are deterrents in adopting..

Technology to achieve the best yield in oyster mushroom farming.

The concept was designed to study the small scale mushroom growers in the country and to find out the problems and constraints faced by them plus the different people and institutions involved in their enterprise development. This is a perfect SME level farming opportunity which can start with minimal resources. The best condition to grow mushroom is low temperature with high humidity.