A complete approach to Plantation management
For Whom?
Open Farms
Environment conditions of open fields are not uniform, and so field require different amounts of irrigation in different environment conditions. Current irrigation systems water fields evenly regardless the conditions, thereby wasting water and energy. SenzAgro system brings the agro intelligence to open farms to automate irrigations as per the external environments.So farm managers can manage the farm remotely through our Farm Manager App.
Micro Climate Farms
Green houses, net houses and polytunnels need to be maintained in the proper constant environment conditions as per the plants inside. With SenzAgro technologies we automate the environment to constantly maintain the preferred condition as per the plant inside to ensure the high yield out of the micro climate farms. Farm managers can remotely monitor and ensure the conditions of the farm without any human errors.
Urban Farms
Urban gardens are picking up to meet the demand of fresh foods in cities. Vertical gardens, live walls and roof top gardens needs precise environments to enable the plants to grow. SenzAgro systems ensure precise watering, lighting and nutritions to create the perfect environment while enabling remote access to farm owners.
SenzAgro Architecture

Sensors : Realtime inputs of soil condition, environment, weather status from the farm.

Cloud Platform : Crop specific intelligence for water and fertilization.

Valves : Automating as per the need of plant at a snapshot moment.

User Layer Apps : Monitoring and Controlling farms remotely.

Why SenzAgro?
Instant Decision Making
Make faster, more accurate decisions around when to harvest, irrigate, plant, feed and protect your crops
On time Alarms
Free up your time by reducing manual checks. Set custom notifications and thresholds so information comes to you
Weather Predictions
Mitigate weather uncertainty by receiving on-farm conditions in advance.
Digital Agronomist
Dynamic Crop Models enable access like having 10,000 agronomists in the palm of your hand!