Webinar Series- 03

Evaluating Readiness for MedTech AI Transformation.

SenzMate and Inolab, a powerhouse collaboration combining cutting-edge AI expertise with a secure medical technology cloud platform, are thrilled to announce a special webinar for you! This session dives deep into evaluating your MedTech project's readiness for AI transformation. Our tech experts will guide you through a step-by-step assessment to understand your current stage, identify areas where AI can revolutionize your project, and empower you to make informed decisions about integrating AI. Whether you're curious about the possibilities of AI or unsure if your organization is ready, this webinar is your chance to gain valuable insights and a roadmap to navigate your MedTech AI transformation journey.


June 13th, 2024, 11.00 AM EST (8.30 PM IST) | 1 Hour


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Mr.Limton Xavier

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Mr.Miller Rajendran

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Mr.Ruban Kanapathippillai

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