Monitor Wirelessly

Let's be honest, wires are a thing of the past. We make the installation process a breeze for you and your IT staff. Our sensors are engineered and calibrated specifically to monitor critical cold storage equipment. It's wireless, compliant, and built to be the BEST cold storage monitoring solution out there.

Alerts You Can Trust

Set custom alert thresholds authorized recipients.for each individual storage unit.Alerts are transmitted only to authorized recipients.Escalations are user-defined and corrective actions are securely recorded. All data is available for custom reporting, analysis and audits.

Take Action

In the event of a change, whether a freezer door was left open or a power outage occurred, early detection programs make sure the right parties know about the shift immediately in order to take action and prevent having to throw out inventory


Our wireless temperature monitoring system is very cost-effective. It is designed to monitor controlled environments where sensitive vaccines, medications and other pharmaceuticals are stored. The solution alleviates difficulties inherent in manually monitoring multiple storage environments in multiple locations while automatically maintaining complete regulatory compliance.

  • Plug and play install

    Thanks to its plug-and-play design, SenzMate can be installed in less than 15 minutes.This concept includes freezers,refrigerators,ambient temperature rooms and warehouses. Size is not an issue as SenzMate can be expanded to an almost unlimited scale. The only requirement is access to a standard Internet WiFi system.

  • Easily Access Data Anywhere

    With the Customized App, you will receive the same access to data as the normal portal but in a mobile friendly user interface. View your storage monitoring data, receive and answer alerts right from your smart phone.

  • get instant maintenance Alerts

    Set custom alert thresholds authorized recipients for each individual storage unit.Program around defrost cycles and distinguish technical excursions from material excursions.Eliminates false alerts.There is no limit to the number of Alert Contacts.Above all receive alert notifications via phone, email, text

  • Regulatory Reporting

    We not only monitor your cold storage inventory, We automate the auditing process. Our solution frees you and your staff from the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually recording cold storage readings.

POLAR Architecture

POLAR has three separate layers functioning together to give you end to end controlling and monitoring over your enterprise system.

  • Workstations [chillers and freezers] in which you want to enable monitoring and controlling
  • Electronic actuators sensors, and remote control units that enable Monitoring.
  • Monitoring and Control through automated SMS/Email Alerts

Why SenzMate Polar is important for hospitality and pharmaceutical sectors...

Ensures complete, worry-free compliance

Our customers have the ability to transform an overwhelming amount of data into actionable information. This provides a very high level of continuously monitoring their equipment

Promotes Patient Safety

Our solution prevents human error and the kind of inventory corruption that can result in the distribution of sub-potent products and therapeutic failure.

Protects Inventory

Our real-time predictive alerting and trending provides the advanced warning of equipment failure. Before the inventory is adversely affected.

Saves Time

Eliminates manual temperature logging and false alerts while automating electronic records.

Increases Efficiency

Staff can focus their time and energy on core issues benefitting patients and customers.

Saves Money

Lowers inventory loss, saves labor, automates compliance and reduces recalls.

Integrates Multiple Facilities in Multiple Locations

Enables management of multiple environments over multiple locations via one easy-to-use web portal from anywhere in the world.

Secures Data

By using multiple and geographically-dispersed servers, client data is secure and available for as long as it is needed.

Simplifies Reporting

Alerts are sent to key stakeholders via phone, email, text, or pager. Analytics including trend charts and administrative reports are comprehensive yet user-friendly.

Future-Proofed and Automatically Updated

SenzMate is future-proofed against technological obsolescence. We automatically update every new compliance regulation or amendment./p>

1500 IoT Devices
3 Year Warranty
365 Day Support
24 Hours hotline