Wireless temperature monitoring system
For Whom?
Hotels / Restaurants
Remote monitoring to gain real-time insights into all the locations(cold rooms, refrigerators etc) to ensure compliance, quality control, and risk management.
Food Processing Companies
Constant temperature monitoring and recording of food during processing, preservation,storage, packing and transportation.
Pharmaceutical Industries
Environmental monitoring and compliance reporting at controlled environments where sensitive vaccines and other pharmaceuticals are stored.
Logistic Companies
Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the delivery vehicles, freezer, chiller or hot boxes locally or remotely in real-time while tracking the location.
Data Centers
Providing an affordable and reliable way to monitor the critical environment of data centers and server rooms to enhance security.
POLAR Architecture
POLAR has three separate layers functioning together to give you end to end controlling and monitoring over your enterprise system.
  • Workstations in which you want to enable monitoring and controlling
  • Using Cloud technologies to collect data from workstations.
  • Monitoring automated SMS/Email Alerts
Emergency maintenance issue alerts
Our real-time predictive alerting and trending provides the advanced warning of equipment failure. We send alerts to key stakeholders (in hierarchy order) via phone, email, text, or pager.
Automated food quality reporting
We automate the auditing process. Our solution frees you and your staff from the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually recording cold storage readings.
Saves Time and money
Eliminates manual temperature logging and false alerts while automating electronic records. Lowers inventory loss, saves labor, automates compliance and reduces recalls.
Real time monitoring of temperatures
We replace the manual working environment with automated system by facilitating you to get the temperature readings at any time you want from anywhere you want.
POLAR Clients