Fleet Management Systems enable tracking vehicle
For Whom?
Insurance Telematics
Platform built to enable insurers to customize premiums according to individual driving behavior. Our Telematics systems help Insurance companies to collect and analyze the data of their policyholders.
Constant monitoring and notification features help drivers to keep an eye on their vehicles and safety of passengers. This provides value to organizations including insurance companies , driving institutions etc.
Telecom Carriers
We Provide tailor-made telematics solutions for local and international telecommunication service providers who have the ability to reach millions of subscribers with the automatic telematic needs.
Automotive Dealership
Help dealers to satisfy their customers, increase sales and reduce inventory. Insights and intelligence of the system will help the sales team to experience in sales and clear out inventory.
Fleet Services
Mosurance Fleet provides the best solutions to help all type of businesses and enterprises to improve the liability of drivers, reduce operational costs and help lower motor insurance for the fleet.
Mosurance Architecture
Mousrance builds a vehicular network using its OBD based Kits to get real time data from each and every vehicle. This network directly communicates with our cloud platform called “Magma”. The real time data is processed with big data analysis and the features necessary for User Based Insurances are extracted from the processing.
Why Mosurance?
Vehicle Tracking
Always know where your vehicles are. Record time, mileage and the location of each of you vehicle in real-time.
Workforce Management
Keep your team and customers happy. Dynamic communication between your mobile workforce and office makes your business agile.
Fleet Reports
Improve fleet efficiency. Make smarter decisions with extensive reports and real-time dashboard information about your vehicles.
API Integration
Our platform provides APIs which enable fleet companies to integrate with their services.
Automobile Service Integration
Our platform integrates maintenance services.
Green & Safe Driving
Cut costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve safety by improving driving behaviour.