From Farm to Fork!!

01 AUG 2020

As we all know, food before ending up on your plate has to travel great distances and the markets have to undergo a number of activities and processes to provide the customer their products in the best condition. During these activities there is a huge sum that adds up for wastages which in result lowers the target profits. These wastages happen during four stages of the process: Harvesting, Processing, Transportation and Distribution.


From the point of harvesting and until the distribution phase, perishable food must be closely monitored to prevent the damages due to external environmental conditions and dynamic forces applied throughout their journey. When storing different food items, the optimum temperature and humidity must be supplied constantly without temperature fluctuations.


During transportation, drivers must have proper knowledge and guidance avoiding irregular roads simultaneously. In a case where the goods do not turn out to be in the expected standards there is no way of tracing the exact point at which the goods were damaged.

One of the popular super markets in Sri Lanka has been undergoing this exact situation and now their previous way of manually monitoring the goods involving laborers is over. The supermarket handles everything from sourcing the vegetables directly from farmers and transporting them to the packaging and distributing centers and then to the stores by next morning.

Key requirements was to constantly monitor real-time temperature in cold rooms, chillers and refrigerators during processing, preservation, storing, packing and transportation so that the perishables will be in its best state for a longer time period while constantly receiving updates. Provide monitoring facilities of transportation trucks and its location accompanied with the route optimization and driver behavior monitoring to minimize damages. SenzMate provided the best automated solution to the client by not just measuring the air temperature, but by obtaining the temperature of the actual product in addition to providing a remote monitoring solution. Temperature and humidity readings can be obtained from anywhere you want at anytime. With the integration of route optimization and driver behavior tracking the transportation has become a worry less process.


With the integration of SenzMate Polar, the supermarket has benefited tremendously overcoming a vast amount of the wastage problem along with the 24/7 exceptional monitoring service offered. From the previous manual monitoring method the supermarket chain has now moved onto the automated monitoring solution which is tamper-proof, accurate to the point, error free and thus resulting in reduced labor cost, improved energy saving, longer shelf time and higher overall quality of the products delivered.