Sports injuries are prevalent, and there are a variety of tablets, sprays, and other treatments available to treat them. However, the real challenge is that most injuries are not visible. In this situation, we all know from experience that there is internal damage to the tissue or muscle, and the severity of the injury cannot be determined on the spot. Numerous researches have been done to identify the risk factors for injuries. However, sports injuries are the result of complex interactions of multiple risk factors that provoke events and require a comprehensive model.

So, we developed a wireless IoT device called 'Biotherm Gauge’ to determine the extent of that particular injury in the field of sports. It determines the degree of the damage and provides all pertinent information quickly and precisely. In practice, monitoring internal injuries contributes to identifying the extent of that particular injury within the tissues and muscles, resulting in the implementation of early interventions to keep these injuries from becoming more severe, reducing the risk to athletes, and the health care system.

wireless biotherm

The main task in our study was to determine the severity of the injuries, for which we developed a Temperature Insight Unit. We chose the semiconductor-based temperature sensor as it is more accurate than any other approach, with an uncertainty of just 0.5°C.Since our system is battery-powered, we selected Bluetooth technology as the method of data transmission.


The use of AI-enabled IoT devices in sports can reduce injury risk while also improving the efficiency, capabilities, and fitness of athletes, coaches, and officials. The application of AI-enabled IoT devices in sports and public health has tremendous implications for research, business, and humanity's future activities.

This is due to the fact that IoT devices require a massive amount of health data that can be filtered, processed, and analyzed using AI and machine learning.As a result, any system built on these technologies will be capable of collecting, processing, and analyzing extremely important data and also beneficial for injury prevention, disease transmission, on-time diagnosis, and cost-effective therapies for a variety of disorders.

In this research, an AI-enabled temperature insight unit,'Wireless Biotherm Gauge' is used to determine the total heat generated by the injured tendon or muscle using a formula.

Wireles gauge

Additionally, a simple desktop application was built to get the data and to calculate the heat generated. As for the final touches to the devices, a display to show the temperature readings,records and Medical Advices were added to the solution. Discover the success stories behind these case studies

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