Track the workforce in large plantations

Are you a manager or supervisor at plantation? Are you responsible for driving results? Does your employee performance affect your business goals? If so, track your objectives by tracking your employees performance.

Imagine a large oil palm plantation of 5000 Hectares with 4000 workers. How can you track the employees’ performance , security , the hours worked in the field and the time spent at particular area? Is it possible? If yes, how?

Best decision is to design a handheld wearable device. This device should obtain GPS coordinates every few minutes to plot points and find rough time spent at a particular area/point. These points should be layered onto a map and productivity of workers should be computed based on a simple algorithm. Essentially, the device will show managers how long a worker has been spent in a particular area.

This describes the overview of ideal system for employee tracking in farms. Every employee can be easily tracked using GPS sensors embedded in wearable in the form of a wrist band. The tracking details of the wearable will be fed to the cloud platform and the computed productivity of each employees and reports about the employee movements can be viewed via web and mobile applications.

Aworkforce monitoring

We, SenzMate proposing the below processes.

Creating this employee tracker, minimizes the wastage of time , increases the productivity , optimize the time , helps to reward the performance of hard workers and much more.

Time is priceless. So, spend the money to do the right thing.