Even deal with waste, smartly.

The tremendous increasement of urbanization creates a huge increasement in waste production at the same phase. So, waste management has become a crucial issue for the urban councils and municipal councils. They have to struggle a lot to make the city clean with overflowing garbage cans because of inefficient waste collection routine. Even the most of the countries tend to move with new technology so easily in many fields, yet they are following old traditional methods to manage waste spending more human labor, time and money. So, smart bins can be introduced as a greater solution for this issue.

Smart bin is an evolved version of a garbage bin which can be used for different purposes other than collecting waste in itself. Basically, smart bins consist with three major components.

  • Garbage collecting container
  • Sensors to get the required data
  • Transmitter to send the collected data to the relevant parties

So, mainly it will do its original and fundamental task as being a garbage container while managing all other requirements. With the help of the embedded sensors it will collect the data in order to perform its duty efficiently. And the collected data will be send to the people who will monitor and take decisions regarding the next move.

smart street

When we manage garbage manually it may consume lot of time, human labor and money too. But yet it is too inefficient because manual procedures have introduced to the society a long time back. Population and the population growth back then has a big difference when it compared with now. So those methods can’t be used efficiently with the fascinating current population growth and waste production. So, the relevant authorities were digging for searching a reliable solution for this issue. Then they have identified that if we can replace those old garbage bins with newly equipped smart bins they could overcome these issues efficiently

Smart bin stree

As it is mentioned earlier, with the use of embedded sensor system, waste collecting gets the details about the garbage cans wish should need to be un loaded. So, the relevant authorities can make effective schedules to collect waste using minimum resources. And they can carry the waste collection without causing any environmental issues too. Because any sort of delay in waste collection can cause an unpleasant situation to the neighborhoods.

Not only this, garbage which is collected in the can also can be analyzed using these smart bin facilities. When ever a person put something into the bin, the bin itself will detect that, what sort of a waste had been put to the bin and keep a record of the waste types and amounts of waste inside the bin. So, these types of bins can be direct to recycling processes with less evaluation efforts.

And we can use these deployed smart bins to monitor and keep tracks of its surrounding. Since garbage bins are deployed like almost everywhere we can turn those bins into monitoring centers using these smart bin techniques. So, we can collect information and waste at same time using one device.

Using these smart bins, we can make the traditional waste collection methods efficient while uplifting those techniques with the help of new technology. And it will consume only the optimized resources even it provides number of facilities. These smart bins will help you to keep your city clean. They are designed to follow the green city concepts. Most of these smart bin technologies adapted with self- powering. So, we can go towards green cities with combining technology and traditional waste management methods.

Even the main duty of a smart bin is to help the waste management system to make it efficiently, those bins can be used as data resources at the same time. Now they are planning to use these smart bins as traffic monitors, environment state detectors and other data providing recourses. Since they are deployed all over the city they can provide the city data covering the entire city. So, now the scientists are planning to make these bins even with a level where they detect the surrounding condition and give suggestions according to the situation. Like if the traffic level is high in one rout, it will suggest the garbage collecting vehicle to take another shorter rout with less traffic. So, these smart bins can be used to manage energy and lot of other resources in an efficient way. That’s the reason you should need to replace your nearest bin with a smart bin. Manage your waste smartly, keep your city clean and save the energy.