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Lifts are a fundamental aspect in providing vertical circulation, especially within tall building structures, for wheelchair and other non-ambulant establishment users, and for transporting goods using vertical transportation. A few lifts may likewise be used for firefighters and for emergency evacuation purposes as well. Therefore, quality working lifts are a crucial element in building structures. As the world becomes technologically advanced, it is important for us to keep up with the new, and improved user expectations.

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Convenience and comfort are two things that go hand in hand for us humans. We love to make ways of life easier as much as possible, and in the most pleasant way feasible. For example, we first developed elevators that took us to multiple different floors in a building, but now we’ve created elevators that bring us right into our penthouse homes. It is important to homeowners to ensure the highest level of safety for their residents, and offer them the utmost comfort at all times. This can be achieved through the implementation of smart elevator technology within buildings.

Smart elevator technology is the new way to monitor your lift performance, in the most cost effective way. This technology can be added on to any elevator, old or new, without having to alter the most expensive parts within the lift, and without the need of any major rewiring within the system. Therefore, add any new parts to your elevator at any time throughout its life journey.

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What are some benefits of this new lift management system?

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Firstly, the system can be designed, updated and monitored remotely completely. You can now view your thorough lift portfolio online, to understand when a site visit is required, update displays and other necessary equipment, stream data in real life from the controllers/sensors, while being protected in a safe, secure digital environment. For example, measure the amount of times the elevator has travelled up and down, or which floor it has spent the most time on. This can assist a building owner in recognizing ways to save costs, and utilize the structure’s elevator system to the maximum capability.

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We have all encountered lifts that are “out of order” during an emergency time, and have felt frustrated or irritated. With our new lift management system, maintenance companies can easily monitor the lift’s health and the problems that might lie within it, and act quickly according to it to fix the issue at hand. This could include the service hours of an elevator, the optimal vibration it should possess, or the absurd noises it might be producing. Moreover, you can now also observe the maintenance engineer’s arrival and departure times, to ensure maintenance is being done effectively, and the door’s opening and closing cycles, to see if the elevator is being held at a floor irregularly.

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