IoT in Cold Chain Management

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What is Cold Chain Management?

It is a continuous cold chain that includes several refrigerated production, storage, and distribution activities, as well as associated equipment and logistics. These logistics are maintained via a desired low-temperature range. It is normally used to preserve and extend the shelf life of pharmaceutical products, seafood, frozen foods, photographic films, and chemicals. Hence, unlike other goods or merchandise, cold chain goods are always perishable and always en route towards their end use or destination, even when held temporarily in cold stores.

What is the cold chain management Process?

So it's crucial to prevent quantitative and qualitative losses. The global cold chain logistics market was worth almost 248.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and is expected to exceed 410 billion U.S. dollars by 2028. Also, 80% of the main pharmaceutical products are transported through the cold chain.

The cold chain ensures that perishable products are safe and of high quality at the point of consumption. Failing to keep the product at the correct temperature can result in textural degradation, discolouration, bruising, and microbial growth. So there are so many issues regarding this.

Multi Person Thermal Scanner
Multi Person Thermal Scanner
Does that mean quality matters with these pharmaceuticals?

Cold chain management involves a very peculiar procedure. Cold chain is a logistics management process for products that require the refrigerated temperatures that customers demand. It’s a process since it involves performing a chain of tasks to prepare, store, and transport products along the cold supply chain. Failure to keep cold chain products cold will render them unusable, which leads to wastage of the products. When cold products go bad, both the shipper and their client lose money.

How far successfully will the cold chain evolve?

A successful cold chain ensures temperature-sensitive products are kept within optimal temperature ranges and maintain the desired states from start to finish. For example, COVID-19 vaccines must be kept frozen to preserve their shelf life. If temperatures go above the sub-zero ranges, the product will lose its solid state, and it’ll no longer be considered unusable for health. So preventing this can be difficult, but managing this can be pharmaceuticals are being exposed to various conditions, so it is needed to protect them from various environmental conditions. However, technology does not need to be combined; however, by combining technology, we can. It isn’t like any other logistics market. It's massive and complicated.

Its procedures require standardised handling procedures, specialised transport equipment, and strict regulatory compliance. What’s more, it’s continuing to grow. Of course, the increased demand for medicines and PPE due to COVID-19 is a key factor. It's challenging to manage pharmaceutical products during the transportation process as it requires high safety standards and may expose them to chemicals that mix up with other intoxicating dust particles and the environment.

Thus management is important when it comes to the safety of pharmaceutical products at every stage, from production to delivery to the customer. As pharmaceutical products are kept in cold storage and used in cold storage, it is often hard to manage the temperatures or identify the risks that have been exposed so far to which pharmaceutical products may be entitled to changes in the environment. Cold chain is a highly sensitive market in terms of products being carried within the chain itself is a complex system. However, at the same time, it is a niche market with new opportunities. Hence, a sound cold chain infrastructure is needed to satisfy companies, governments, and customers for both commercial and public reasons.

Is it possible to apply AI? That's a critical question.

Senzmate solutions demonstrate how to adhere to full safety and guidance while ensuring the 100% product safety of your pharmaceuticals in your hands. Senzmate has gathered these AI into your hands in order to alleviate your concerns about management and human personnel throughout your entire supply chain process. There is no need to be concerned about how it is attached. However, the solutions have already manifested themselves through AIOT. It is significant because the problem is being solved through monitoring and the traceability platform of the cold chain system itself.

Multi Person Thermal Scanner

When will you receive timed alerts? Is that even possible?

Maintenance Receive on-time alerts about your equipment and temperature fluctuations via phone if there is a critical change or whenever there is any change in pharmaceutical products. So isn't it beneficial to add coverage and guidance to assure the safety of your products? Because they are susceptible items, it is very possible that they will condensate under various conditions and if there is a 0.5 to 0.1% change in temperature.

So this is how AI is developed in logistics. It adheres to 100% safety within your products, subjecting pharmaceutical products to changes.

Increasing the quality of pharmaceuticals with automated monitoring and thresholds that are unique to each product The company's overall profitability is increased, and the safety of food is ensured from start to finish.

Track your pharmaceuticals wherever you go!

You can keep track of your pharmaceuticals wherever they go, at any time. With the GPRS system integrated into the solution, you can receive precise locations as well as information about the pharmaceuticals' quality and what happened to them. so that investigators can track down sources of contamination in the event of an outbreak

Also, you can receive alerts in real-time when equipment is nearing the end of its useful life so it can be switched up before it fails and compromises the quality of your pharmaceutical products so far. Alerts can be customized and sent in any medium you wish to any officer in charge within your organization, even via SMS alert or any other medium you prefer.

A solution to all your worries!

Senzmate’s solution is integrated with route optimisation to find the best and most cost-efficient route, with the addition of driver behaviour tracking to ensure safe driving patterns, thus making transportation a worry-free process. So even when interfering with any difficulties that you are having when transporting your products, they can be ensured on this platform and inherit your logistics plan according to that.

With the entire cold chain process data at your fingertips, you can control and streamline the entire supply chain, improving overall performance throughout the supply chain process.

So this wonderful animate solution is assisting your entire supply chain management with no fear or exhaustion by ensuring 100% product safety with your hands. You don't have to be concerned about your cold chain process attire when you join forces with Senzmate and experience the vast quality that interacts with your pharmaceutical products.