Covid -19’s Cataclysm On The Chain Of Supply!

What would you suppose of a industry where the supply flow of the business’s goods and services are not very actively streamlined or suddenly perturbed, Obviously it would be susceptible and very prone to result in a diverse range of disasters to the business as well as it’s customers who rely on that business. In the present circumstances most of the businesses and its customers are experiencing this disaster due to the prevalent pandemic situations.

Hello Dear Readers! Welcome to the house again to be allured by another interesting topic dedicated by SenzMate. The above emphasized paragraph acknowledges on the topic that’s been covered today. Its all about the accentuated upheaval condition or in much simpler words the “damage” of the chain of supply experienced by various industries.

We are all conscious that the involvement of the supply chain has become the back-bone of many businesses, through its participation, from the supply of raw materials for the process of manufacturing to delivery of the finished product brought forth to end customers.

That’s absolutely the plight that industries are presently facing due to the supply chain disrupted by the corona crisis . The corona crisis has divulged the deficiency of the modern supply chain by revealing the hardships in obtaining the raw materials through domestic and international trading due to shipment delays aroused through lock down that is been imposed in many regions of countries which are involved in trading.

Not only the industries but also individual customers are not spared, it left them also to bear, the struggle of procuring fundamental products due to the pandemic panic which led everyone to stock up on the primary household and sanitary goods resulting in fluctuating demand and supply shocks leaving an aggregated increased demand while raising the request for its supply.

Supply chain managemen system

The opportunity which was induced by the pandemic and found encouragement among the buyers were online orders, deliveries and payments due to conversion in customers trends and behaviors, aroused by the imposed curfews and precaution of social distancing. But on the contrary emerging doubts on services in the minds of customers such as whether the delivery staff are in good health and not diagnosed from covid 19 and also denial on the quality and quantity of products delivered thus leading unsatisfied customers which will effected the whole business again.

TMS Transport Management System

What a Pickle!!!

Are you thinking of a solution to overcome the outdated process of supply to a secure, streamlined and digitized mechanism with optimal customers satisfaction?

Are you also wondering who would provide such a solution?

Speaking of Solutions, SenzMate who have been known for its technological solutions in all your business fiasco, is here again to save you from the catastrophe!!!

Doors for the next phase of the pandemic “Post Pandemic”is right in front of you, Now fasten your seat belts and get ready to make a revolution in your supply chain management with SenzMate Technologies!!!

Let’s use the current crisis as a opportunity to reboot your old-fashioned supply chain with an extraordinary one with SenzMate Technologies.

SenzMate has every proficiency to provide a Transport Management System (TMS) a logistics platform, to ease out your farm to fork bulk deliveries to be handled in your finger tips through your hand-held devices,which includes the process, where your bulk deliveries are broken and distributed to a set of vehicles and establishment of extreme route optimization of each vehicle with GPS integration for fresh, fast and traceable delivery of commodities, hence, reducing the risk of damaged good while ensuring the quality factor of your products to your customers.

SenzMate also has all the potentiality to break the suspicion of your customers through their capability of developing facial recognition and body temperature analysis software for the purpose of identification and to examine whether your delivery staff who enter the warehouses and involved in the delivery of goods, are wearing their facial masks in the precise manner, and temperature detection, besides this data can be streamed into the polar cloud which will create a history of attendees and their temperature in the polar portal for future requirements.

SenzMate’s ideology is further extended to secure your products from theft and frauds in the supply chain. SenzMate’s ideology relied on bluetooth based hanging scales can be implemented on to your commodities to avoid any occurrence or consequences of fraud and theft activities by integrating the weight of the delivered product into a delivery web and monitoring the weight of the product throughout the process of delivery.

Multi Person Thermal Scanner

SenzMate’s ideology finally takes it’s step into your warehouses in this content. Are you still unaware until you run out of stock? Then reach SenzMate who also have all the capability to build a Stock Management Software and ERP systems to completely decline out of stock circumstances. While bringing your attention through implementation of automated alerts in low stock scenarios with the use modern methodologies like RFIDs, NFCs and QR codes that can be integrated to record the product details into the existing systems.

With the integration and implementation of all these SenzMate technological solutions a nimble supply chain can be established.

Stop suffering with outmoded supply chains and get on board with SenzMate’s ideologies to modernize your supply chains, to take a huge step valiantly, into the post crisis phase.

Adieus for now!!!😃