The Hospitality Industry To Be Disrupted The Most By The Pandemic.

What’s up Folks? How’s it going? SenzMate is back here with another blog to entertain and cultivate knowledge, in respect to an industry that is best know for its multiculturalism and global managements, in you. To acknowledge the current activities taking place in the country we are all so glad to witness the improvement in the current crisis with the revival of industrial sectors in a gradual pattern. Massive number of industries have commenced their businesses with an anticipation of seeking all the possibilities to revive their firms back to its conventional state.

Now, Let me place a question. With the progressive recovery in the business sector which industry is most likely to incurring losses? Well, some might say that different industries face various losses and challenges of their own, so it would rather be a crucial task to pin point what is the most affected. Nevertheless how about an industry that niches handful of sectors within itself such as Food and Beverages, Travel and Tourism, Events, Accommodation and Recreation, now it wouldn’t be much of a problematical task because its without a doubt, the hospitality industry to be majorly impacted.

Sri Lanka, bearing the prominence of being one of the best in the industrial hospitality, unfortunately, the prevailing situations and regulations taken by the government have caused an immense effect mainly on the hospitality industries of the country.

There are various industries, that niche the hospitality industry, are been affected due to the outbreak.


hospitality industry

With the abrupt collapse in the hotelier sector which was only reviving after the Easter bomb attack, this industry is experiencing the severe impact through the outbreak which is contributing to a massive demand fall through booking cancellation from both foreigners and local people. The terror from the outbreak have caused many people to be more conscious about, by whom the food is made and served but primarily inducing denial about the place, where they choose to feed their bodies with, if the hoteliers refuse to take the relevant measures. Hence, encouraging more homemade food rather than dining outside until the Covid 19 pandemic has been completely contained. With this consideration we can take assumptions that this sector would take a while to get back into operation in the post pandemic situation.

temperature check

The purpose of this blog is centralized to the hotel industry, from this point ahead we are looking forward to discuss standard technological measures that the hoteliers could adhere to kick start in the business without falling apart.

Visualize this scenario, although in a couple of months, i.e once the outbreak is contained, the minds of many will be trouble and prone to highly doubt whether they are in the safe place with safe people around them as formerly discussed in the article. If you could be the industry to give them the assurance that ensures they are indeed in the safer zone then you will be their place of trust to accommodate and dine.

Now, I bet, you might be wondering how you could win that trust over?

Predominantly supreme maintenance and ensuring the safety and security of staff and guests are the main steps filled with priority, where hygiene and sanitization is one of the important consideration but the utmost consideration should be mainly placed in monitoring the health conditions (the body temperature) of all the employees and guests who enter the hotels. This is the exact measure you can choose to adapt in pursuance of confidence from both your staff and guest.

If you haven’t got your aid with this extreme monitoring procedure then don’t worry!!!

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SenzMate with their intense technology background is on its way to step hard into the crisis to your rescue. With SenzMate technology’s availability temperature monitoring is not an impossibility at all, amid their complete technological potentiality it has got all the possibilities in implementing Thermal Camera Based Monitoring to secure your staffs and guests from being taken over by the pandemic while declining all the hazards of further disease propagation.

Besides SenzMate Solutions with all the proficiency to give solutions to implement Digital Menus for your customers without a need for a waiter to stand beside your guest for several minutes, emboldening contactless order placement endorsing social distancing with an additional feature of integrated digital payment providers to dismiss all the chances of risk in cash transactions.

Make this the great opportunity to savor up your ordinary business into an extraordinary one with bonus facilities for your loyal customers and staff, leading to a tremendous achievement in both business and customer satisfaction.

Now its time to recommence your journey towards success and appreciation with SenzMate Solutions over the pandemic, hoteliers!!!

Let’s raise and shine once again in our hospitality and Adios for now!!!😃