What? SenzMate Produces Apples But Doesn’t Sell them?

Hello Everyone out there! How’s it going? Hope our topic got you all confused and brought you here. Well don’t worry SenzMate is here with yet another technology to amuse you, and Yes, it’s true we are making apples but we are not going to import or sell them because that’s where we have implanted our technology. Yes you heard it right, Apple Technology. Pretty mysterious right? Then let’s solve the mystery behind it.

We are not looking forward to importing our apples but we are looking forward to protecting your apples from damages with the aid of our apples.

Countless amounts of apples are damaged every year during harvesting, packaging and transportation. But the culprit leading to serious hazard to the quality of your apples with significant reduction to the value of your fruit and where the most loss occurs is in the supply chain, which makes us look one more time into our transportation channels.

Transportation damages are mainly caused by dynamic forces applied during the journey and the prime sources of this dynamic impact is due to irregular roads taken and lack of drivers knowledge in driving during the transportation process.

Let’s take a moment and think about this!

How it would be to achieve the exact profit that you expect from the complete yield of apples you produce and deliver? How would it be if all the apples produced were consumed by every individual without a wastage or damage? How can someone give your apples to each individual as fresh as daisies during the supply chain?

Well, SenzMate can!

Yes we can with our sensor filled SenzMate’s sensor made Apples.

apple supply chainn

Our digital apple twin is on its way to make a revolution in the transportation industry by enabling apples to be transported like never before. Our sensor made digital apple twin in its apple figure will do its magic by measuring all the dynamic forces given to the apples during transportation in each route while recognizing all the steep and slopes in the path with sensor assistance and making sure it gives the best possible route for you to take.

This solution will add on as a special feature to your maps in your hand-held devices and help in your transportation route optimization while also bringing us another pro-feature of instructions automation, to the drivers as per when to apply brakes, accelerate and maintain constant vehicle speed, thus improving the driving behaviors of the drivers.

Better route optimization, better paths taken with automated driver instructions facilitating improved driving patterns leading to numerous advantages mainly including better quality fruits delivered on time with less damage with the guidance of Senzmate digital twin apple Technology.

So no more crying over bruised apples let’s enjoy fresh and luscious apples with SenzMate.