30 AUG 2019
Smart City with the innovation in Street Lighting

People consume medicine in order to treat, prevent or diagnose diseases basically. Doctors prescribe medicines for patients according to their diagnoses. But what could have happened if that medicine couldn’t perform well due to its lack of required quality. Even that particular drug is the best way to cure, it won’t be able to cure the patient since it is not in its proper condition. So, being the medicine is not enough to perform its duty. It should be in its required condition. If a drug is required to act accordingly to the requirement, why won’t it act so? There can be various reasons which avoid the drug performing its duty due to different problems.

Imagine, what if we add some intelligence to street lights? If we can use street lights to make our country a smart city would you say NO?

We can build an automated streetlight infrastructure for Local Government Authorities, that deliver streetlights as one of their common services to the public. Here, the energy management will focus on basic automation and incorporates the collection of metrics from the streetlight infrastructure to a Base Station for calculating energy efficiency, report system performance and failures even the atmospheric pollution details. Government can handle the electricity meters, water meters and even can send the notices , bills etc. This can also act as a surveillance system for road traffic management, crime reporting etc. These services simplify the government process.

The system should have network infrastructure for data transmission across Base Station and Field Units, should have network connectivity for all mentioned value added services.

This concept use data and technology to create efficiency and economic development , improve sustainability and add quality to the life of people living in the city. All these application of ‘smart’ solutions, make the city as a Smart City.

If you have street lights, people and vehicles, more attractive , livable, safe and healthy city. Then what are you waiting for……? Enter the Smart City.

We, SenzMate believe in the power of change.

IoT enables your imagination to reality.