04 NOV 2019
Smart Parking System

One of the worst things about driving is not only getting stuck in traffic, but also the trouble you face to find a parking space. You have to go round and round looking for a free parking spot.

Are you wasting your time by looking for a parking space?

Would you like to ease your work? What about building a smart parking system with following functionalities?

  • Identification of free parking spots and providing that information to drivers
  • Mobile payment option for parking services
  • Providing data to the transport authority of the city to be used for policy making
  • Wondering about the technology and issues in implementing?

    All issues can be overcome by IoT technologies. Plug and play sensors can be fixed at road and use magnetometers or radars to detect vehicles while overhead cameras can be installed at light poles for vehicle detection and pinpoint free spaces. Availability of free spots can be easily determined using these sensors. These information will be simultaneously updated in the app. So, while driving, you can look for a free parking spot in real time and make the payment once you parked the vehicle at that spot.

    This system ensures the optimum utilization of urban parking facilities and helps to reduce your stress while searching for a free parking space, increases the safety, minimizes the fuel wasted, saves money and time.