• SenzMate
  • Posted May 10, 2018

A doctor for your pills…

People consume medicine in order to treat, prevent or diagnose diseases basically. Doctors prescribe medicines for patients according their diagnoses. But what could have happened if that medicine couldn’t perform well due to its lack of required quality. Even that particular drug is the best way to cure, it won’t be able to cure the patient since it is not in its proper condition. So, being the medicine is not enough to perform its duty. It should be in its required condition. If a drug is required to act accordingly to the requirement, why won’t it act so? There can be various reasons which avoid the drug performing its duty due to different problems.

  • SenzMate
  • Posted March 31, 2018

Even deal with waste, smartly…

The tremendous increasement of urbanization creates a huge increasement in waste production at the same phase. So, waste management has become a crucial issue for the urban councils and municipal councils. They have to struggle a lot to make the city clean with overflowing garbage cans because of inefficient waste collection routine. Even the most of the countries tend to move with new technology so easily in many fields, yet they are following old traditional methods to manage waste spending more human labor, time and money. So, smart bins can be introduced as a greater solution for this issue.

  • SenzMate
  • Posted January 14, 2017

Let’s move on with new IoT trends

If you are looking for the "next big thing" in the tech space, look no further! The market for Internet of Things (IoT) will be taking over your home — and all businesses in the world soon, if not already

IoT is the blanket term for the internetworking of things (things can refer to a variety of devices or machines) and their connectivity to software, the internet .....

  • SenzMate
  • Posted May 16, 2017

Grow smartly – get fed by Tech

Farming and agriculture started thousands of years ago. But do you think that, today farmers will be able to fulfil the current requirements with almost limiting resources if they follow the same old farming techniques?

No. Agriculture also should move with the rapidly developing technology. That is the place we will need the help of Internet of Things(IoT)......

  • SenzMate
  • Posted June 05, 2017

Let IoT to take care of your gas cylinder

Since the Internet of Things(IoT) is becoming the major trend of the tech space, its applications are becoming more common in our daily life style now. It is vastly in use these days in order to make our life more comfortable and less complicated.

With this tight life schedule, most of the people are adapted to use the gas cylinders for their domestic purposes. But unfortunately, they have to deal with the interruption when the gas is emptied...