The Future of Healthcare with AIoT

SenzMate IoT Intelligence recently hosted an "Executive Briefing on The Future of Healthcare with AI," featuring insights from experts Ruban Kanapathipillai and Miller Alexander Rajendran. The event aimed to provide professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders with information, perspectives, and a proactive attitude to navigate the changing healthcare environment in the AI era. Key topics discussed included leveraging AI for health technology, health tech trends, ML-driven diagnostics and treatments, digital therapeutics, digital physical therapy, and New Large Language Model (LLM) case studies.

The webinar speakers, Ruban Kanapathipillai and Miller Alexander Rajendran, discussed how AI is fostering innovation and collaborations in the developing healthcare and AI ecosystems. SenzMate is planning to hold events focusing on AI and IoT in relation to medical technologies to educate and inspire professionals, IT enthusiasts, and anyone interested in innovation.

In summary, SenzMate is at the forefront of leveraging AI for a smarter and more connected healthcare landscape. To learn more about the insights and innovations, watch the video.

Ruban Img

Mr. Ruban Kanapathippillai


Mr. Miller Rajendran


Mr. John Nirajh

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Mr. Arun Balasundram

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