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Our AIoT Lab, which has been devoted to research and development, uses AI and IoT technology to provide in-depth business intelligence services across a variety of sectors. SenzMate's open source AIoT platform "SenzMatica" has served as the foundation for the development of a number of ground-breaking devices, ensuring speedy time to market.

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Go through a comprehensive onboarding process consisting of signing the NDA, Intro meeting and requirement gathering.
Analyze the technical and practical feasibility of the product as a team and refine the requirement document.
Plan the overall technical architecture and technical stacks to build the product as a team without any charges.
Develop the product through product cycle of PoC to MVP to Commercialization with our Software, AI and IoT Engineering teams.
Success Stories

We create and develop remarkable AIoT Products for your businesses


wireless biotherm system

Sports injuries are prevalent, and there are a variety of tablets, sprays, and other treatments available to treat them.However, the real challenge is that most injuries are not visible. In this situation, we all know from experience that there is internal damage to the tissue or muscle, and the severity of the injury cannot be determined on the spot. So, as a solution we developed a wireless IoT device called 'Biotherm Gauge’ to determine the extent of that particular injury in the field of sports through a web app dashboard . It determines the degree of the damage through the real time analytic of the data stream and provides all pertinent insights quickly and precisely.


covidband system

Hand washing is one of the powerful methods that can help stop the virus's spread and keep diseases at bay. It is a simple act that pays dividends when it comes to keeping ourselves healthy and safe. Though it was a simple act, lots of people forget to wash their hands and intentionally neglect.To encourage hand washing practices , a band based system was developed by a Canadian company to detect the hygiene status of healthcare staff in hospitals by monitoring their hand washing patterns. It is an ideal system working on edge computing architecture with bands, cloud AI core and mobile app to overcome the problems to improve the existing hand washing habits.


polar traceability platform

Maintaining a safe temperature gamut for perishable food from farm to fork still remains a technical and logistical challenge and it’s not the only part where food producers or retailers have to cope with. Keeping full detailed records, real-time monitoring, location tracking, transportation safety, keeping track of all equipment are some additional areas. POLAR provides all these and ensures that all food products are safe from farm to fork while enabling traceability. Polar Traceability platform helps in enhancing the customer satisfaction and confidence when storing perishable goods safely and helps at the operational level to make work easier.


digital physical therapy system

As the world adapts to healthcare digitization, there is a growing demand for a few patients to receive remote physical therapy, with some receiving only remote physical therapy and others receiving both in-person and virtual care. Senzmate collaborated with a digital physiotherapy company to create a camera-based device that the user or physiotherapist can connect to the tablet/phone and track the patient's motions in order to promote digital physical therapy. This allows physiotherapists to see more patients each day, giving them the opportunity and time to innovate, try new techniques, learn more, and tailor their care to each patient

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