Does Weather Changes a menace to Agriculture?
Not Anymore!


Since man knew the concept of Agriculture, he comprehended the fact that both weather and agriculture have been closely tied up in which the interpretation and prediction of weather is directly proportional to the development of agriculture. With all the extremity levels reached in agriculture technology in the current world followed in it’s path of digitization, the dominance effect of weather is still mastering the agriculture industry due to its characteristic of being a valuable variable in determining the health of the crops while making the most effective and efficient agronomic judgement regarding the sowing timelines, irrigation and treatment schedules and more.

Business Case

In every large geographical area, the weather is been broadcast in our news channels by the weather representatives, meteorologist, with the use of data gathered from the centralized weather station sources, which, if we closely look into we might figure out the altering temperature by a few degrees due to the fact that the temperature on the ground level will have a least different in temperature but responsible for significant effect in agriculture which forces us the truth, that in order to achieve precised agriculture, dependence of regular weather station is not adequate.

weather solution


Hence, dragging our attention into the prominence of on-farm weather stations, SenzAgro has taken their depth of innovation to the next level with their so called vision of revolutionized agriculture. In prior to the matter discuss on the importance of weather on agricultural development, SenzAgro's Automatic Weather Station(AWS) is on its path to prove it's prominence in precision agriculture.

With 650 acres of agricultural space dedicated to mango plantations, one of the popular yet unique organizations of Sri Lanka, have been producing the best variety of mangoes for the past 13 years. Nevertheless being successful in the chosen crop area, the organization had to face critical circumstances along their way. That pulls out one of their biggest threat in their production is unpredictable alterations in the weather. Due to these alterations, a perfect harvest plan, precautions of extreme weather, temperature fluctuations, have incurred excessive fruit losses in the past few years.

Action Taken

In a necessity to make an end to this vain losses, the organization reached SenzAgro Solutions, where the actual solution was established to fix the problematic situation. This bore the idea of implementing the Automated Weather station (AWS) system in the agriculture field that proved its trustful reliability, efficiency and effectiveness due to the proactive data gathering methodology that comprised the real-time data collection of Air temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Rainfall, Wind direction, Wind speed that was much more accurate to the field space itself ,hence, made huge differences in calculating growth stages and conditions of the crops , that allowed to take the most intelligent decisions that coped up to the best production with excellent harvesting strategies.

In the course of the deployment process, we maintained our clients trust with all the support and service they require to reap the utmost benefit from our (AWS)system. This activity included the deployment of our advanced weather station, within the agricultural premises along with the assembly of high-end tech sensors in higher elevations in the agri spaces together with the utilization of GPRS communication to coordinate in pursuance of streaming the data to our IoT cloud platform to keep track varying weather conditions. Reaching the final touch, in data observation through the installation of the central application software into the handled devices in order to bring forth end to end next level of precision agriculture on the finger tips.

monitor case


With the decision taken on the installation of the SenzAgro Automated Weather Station (AWS) system, the organization reaped abundance in benefits that revolutionized while provoking the competency to expand and increase the quality of their commodities and services. Besides 24*7 monitoring mechanism of the system portrayed the extensive role contributing to the examination of the weather and field through inducing the determination of best planting plans, harvest time, extreme weather and much much with the proficiency of the Meteorological Sensors, Data Logger,Solar panel and Central monitoring software integrated with Data collection platform.