In this competitive world, the logistics and supply chain businesses are working hard and processing to gain a competitive advantage, they are the Multi national firms looking for a way to move and receive goods and products around the world, accessing the fast and safe transportation, shipping and logistic solutions as a major priority. Satisfying the customer loyalty and increasing the revenue will be the vision of these companies. Logistic companies have to consider the movement, storage and flow of the goods, services and information within the whole process of supply chain.

The stored goods and products should be maintained properly until it reaches the end user. As a result, the need of long-term temperature stability and predictability is emphasized as one of the main considerations. Moreover, the use of high-quality temperature and humidity monitoring systems is a requirement for legal reporting in order to keep goods and other supplies safely from a range of variables. Through technology, the business will set a new standard for insights-driven logistics solutions and simply all of their customers’ needs.


Business Case

In a logistics company, if there is a unorganized supply chain, it may cause disruptions with the flow. Specially when managing and transporting any type of freight which are environment sensitive at the short possible time to reach the destination. In the supply clean we have to store the goods with particular temperature or humidity, because always there is a high chance for goods to get damaged and wasted. This may result in the reduction of shelf life of products. Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the source of problem due to lack of technology in the system. Using technology, industries have been seeking to reduce human errors in order to safe guard their brand names from low-quality supplies.


In respect of the preceding circumstances, it includes on understanding of the importance of temperature and humidity. Intended mission of the Polar. Polar system, as well as it is capable to act as an alternative to logistics companies in terms of high-end temperature and humidity monitoring. The inner environment temperature and humidity of the warehouse is tracked in Real-time. So, it is better if the company tracks it’s warehouse to deliver their consumers products in good quality. The company will provide highest level of support, world-class service, and reliable performance to their clients by using Polar.

Action Taken

Polar device helps us to know whether the good stored inside the warehouse are maintained in correct temperature and humidity. Polar real-time monitoring devices is connected with the temperature and humidity sensors. With the installation of the sensors and devices, the Polar system begins monitoring the critical environment of the warehouse for any degrees of changes within the associated devices, with corresponding data collected 24/7 logged into the system. When the temperature readings exceed the system’s predefined temperatures, alerts are sent to the appropriate workers via text messages to smart devices or desktops. Additionally, the utility of the system alerts mechanism can be extended to the maintenance and safety inspections scenarios.

company shelf


The logistic companies is able to take pro-active measures to prevent good from spoilage, hence offering inspired solutions to simplify customer needs. This method has enhanced the business’s shelf life by monitoring any temperature fluctuations at an early stage. Furthermore, Polar is already capable of identifying the entity responsible for the problem and effectively provide the supply chain with options for resolving the issue. Finally, Polar device is beneficial, not only for our client, but also to the end client who can know the insights of their terms. This will increase the company’s Brand recognition and build up customer trust and loyalty toward the business.