Smart Green Cities: Transforming Urban Landscapes with NB-IoT-Powered Vertical Gardens


Vertical gardens, also known as live walls, have emerged as a captivating solution to the increasing challenges of urbanization and environmental degradation. These lush, living tapestries of plants offer a breath of fresh air in concrete jungles, enhancing aesthetics and promoting urban biodiversity. However, the beauty of live walls often conceals significant challenges such as water management, plant health monitoring, and resource optimization.

In response to these issues, SenzAgro Solutions (SenzMate AIoT Lab) , a forward-thinking company dedicated to sustainable urban development, has harnessed the power of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology to revolutionize live walls. This technology not only ensures the vitality of these green oases but also paves the way for smarter and more environmentally conscious cities. In this case study, we delve into the transformative potential of SenzAgro's NB-IoT solution for live walls and its impact on the urban landscape.


Business Case

Addressing the client's vision for a live vertical wall system, our proposed solution tackles various challenges, including precise task management, efficient pest detection, and comprehensive mapping capabilities. Let's dig into the heart of the problem our cities face. They struggle with pollution, inefficient use of resources, and a lack of timely information. With the goal of ensuring timely irrigation year-round, even during the rainy season, real-time monitoring of crucial environmental factors such as EC, soil moisture, soil temperature, and ambient temperature


We took a comprehensive approach to tackle the various challenges posed by the live vertical wall project. We focused on being precise in how we managed tasks by using advanced automation and scheduling techniques, ensuring that our crops received the right care at the right times, even when it rained. To ensure our crops had a steady water supply for survival, we connected our system to the National Water Board pipeline, making sure we used water efficiently. We also kept a close eye on the environment, using special sensors to monitor essential data like soil conditions, temperature, and humidity. We made sure this data was easy to understand and access through a user-friendly interface, helping our team make timely decisions to keep the vertical garden healthy.

We leverage Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology as a cornerstone of our solution for the live vertical wall system. This technology ensures that real-time data on critical environmental parameters, including soil moisture, EC, temperature, and humidity, is efficiently transmitted and processed. The NB-IoT-enabled sensors continuously collect and transmit data, offering instant visualization on the user interface for informed decision-making. By integrating NB-IoT's connectivity into our platform, we ensure reliable, low-power, and cost-effective operations, ultimately transforming urban agriculture into an efficient, sustainable, and user-centric practice.

Action Taken

SenzAgro Solutions (SenzMate AIoT Lab) initiated a comprehensive action plan to address the challenges and successfully implement our innovative solution for the live vertical wall system. We began by thoroughly examining the architecture of the live wall, ensuring it could accommodate our technology seamlessly. We identified key points for sensor placement, strategically positioning them to capture data on critical environmental factors. By defining a moisture threshold for automation, we ensured that the irrigation system would activate precisely when needed, conserving water resources effectively.

In order to allow accurate and automatic irrigation scheduling, our engineering team created a customized irrigation system that integrated NB-IoT's low-power, wide-area network characteristics. In line with sustainability, we incorporated solar panels to power the system, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. The transition to NB-IoT technology, replacing older 2G and 3G networks, significantly lowered power usage, making the system more efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, we provided comprehensive training to the client, ensuring they could easily navigate and utilize our application, empowering them to oversee the live wall with confidence. This multi-faceted approach, underpinned by NB-IoT technology, has transformed the live vertical wall into a thriving, sustainable, and efficiently managed urban oasis, aligning perfectly with the client's vision and our commitment to ecologically responsible urban development.

Our solution relies on the power of data-driven automation to address the specific challenges of the live vertical wall system. We use a smart irrigation system that adapts to the weather, making sure our crops get just the right amount of water, no matter the conditions outside. We keep a constant watch on the environment using sensors placed strategically throughout the garden. This data is then displayed on a user-friendly dashboard, so anyone can easily see how the garden is doing at a glance. To make things even more adaptable, we offer customizable profiles and automated pest detection to cater to different crop needs. By connecting to a reliable power supply, our solution is not only robust but also scalable, turning urban agriculture into an efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly endeavor.



The implementation of our NB-IoT-powered solution has yielded remarkable outcomes for the live vertical wall project. First and foremost, we have achieved a significant reduction in water consumption and resource waste, thanks to the precision of our irrigation system. Even during the rainy season, the vertical garden receives just the right amount of water, contributing to water conservation efforts. Real-time environmental monitoring has translated into healthier and more resilient crops, resulting in an impressive increase.

Moreover, the user-friendly interface has empowered the designated users, enabling them to effortlessly manage the vertical garden's operations with real-time insights. The system's adaptability has facilitated the management of a multi-crop ecosystem with varying spacing requirements, promoting diversity in urban agriculture. By integrating NB-IoT technology, we have enhanced the sustainability of the vertical garden, thereby contributing to the client's vision of a more environmentally conscious urban landscape.


Beyond these tangible benefits, the vertical garden has become an educational centerpiece, engaging the community and fostering awareness of sustainable urban practices. This newfound eco-consciousness has led to increased public support and interest in similar urban agricultural initiatives. Overall, SenzAgro's NB-IoT solution has not only transformed the live vertical wall into a thriving urban paradise but has also established a blueprint for sustainable, data-driven urban development that promises to shape the cities of the future.