John Keells X Announces The Winners Of Its Open Innovation Challenge

It’s been six months since applications opened for the John Keells Open Innovation Challenge. Since then, organizers have had to sort through a flood of applications, assign mentors, and short list the best teams for the programme and competition ahead. The teams themselves then went through training that taught them to be better at business, finance, and entrepreneurship. The shortlisted teams not only learned how to build better products, but also better companies, with training on matters related to the legal aspects of building a company, its finances, marketing, and growth.

SenzMate and oDoc to represent Sri Lanka at Europe’s biggest startup event in Finland, Helsinki

SenzMate is a Sri Lankan based Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions Company that provides end to end solutions for enterprise applications with 100% local knowledge and state of the art innovation. The startup offers the best of breed solutions and framework that enables IoT communication like no one else offers in the market at present. SenzMate provides its clients the ability to harness the power of “Internet of Things” and achieve multi fold improvement in effectiveness of business processes. oDoc is an app that connects patients with doctors for video consultation and care. oDoc is unique because if provides medical advice and instant e-prescriptions into the palm of the patient’s hand instantly. By combining cutting-edge mobile and AI technology with the best clinical expertise, oDoc enables patients to book appointments in seconds, upload photos and lab tests and see a doctor on demand, from wherever they are, and whenever they want. oDoc is based in Colombo and was founded by medical doctors, Stanford PhD’s, mathematicians and senior corporate executives. Senzmate Miller CEO Alexander Rajendran and oDoc Co-Founder and CEO Heshan Fernando will fly to Helsinki, Finland to take part at the global event which will take place from 30 November to 1 December.


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  • September 12, 2017

Droughts are among the deadliest natural disasters on the planet and we in Sri Lanka too have experienced its deadly effects first hand. SenzAgro aims to minimize the damage of droughts by using technology to help make farming more efficient. This is through their water management system and smart control system. This system analyzes a variety of factors such as the pH level of the soil and moisture level and then help farmers take optimal decisions. Currently, the startup has three trails running in farms located in Jaffna and Kilinochchi. This device would cost $300 to install per acre and then a monthly subscription fee, which varies depending on the size of the farming land.

McLarens Group goes for latest technology from SenzMate to monitor food safety

The McLarens Group has taken the lead by harnessing the latest technology from SenzMate to monitor food safety. SenzMate POLAR’s cloud-based automated monitoring and food safety management technology are now being used at a large number of contract catering sites including major Sri Lankan supermarkets, restaurant and hotel chains, pharmaceutical agencies, blue chip organisations and large technology companies.

The Startups Representing Sri Lanka At MWC 2017

We first saw SenzMate in March 2016. Their initial product was to help the agriculture sector. Since then, they have expanded into Telematic solutions, Environmental Monitoring solutions and Digital Signage solutions. They also have their own in-house core IoT analytic platform called “Magma” which acts as the brain for its IoT innovation projects. SenzMate has also partnered with enterprises to build their own IoT applications on top of “Magma”.

Roar Startup Bundle ‒ August 2016

The Internet of Things revolution is a bit slow coming to Sri Lanka, but SenzMate aims to change all of that. They are a Sri Lankan based company focused on creating IoT devices for enterprises. Founded by engineering students from the University of Moratuwa, SenzMate creates hardware that connects everyday things, allowing them to communicate and send and receive data to each other. They have sensors that can draw in environment-related data like temperature and humidity of an enclosed space, and send it to a receiving device where the collated data can be sent to server to be analysed. If the parameters fall below an acceptable level, action can be taken, either automatically (depending on the system used) or manually, to address the issue. One of the devices they were making for a Norwegian company connects to the insides of a car, monitoring its emissions and engine performance, making sure the car runs within parameters that do not damage the environment.

All their hardware is manufactured in Sri Lanka, and the company completely customises solutions for their wide variety of clients, including environment monitoring, logistics, homes, and agriculture modules.

20 Fastest Growing Startups In Sri Lanka you need to know about

Johnirajh Antoncrisis and Jeyjenthan Tharmakulasingam are two outputs of the University of Moratuwa, who are actually from Jaffna. They have grown up seeing continuous climatic change especially drought which made them think of using their passion in electronics to assist the farmers during drought. Their first product was an automated sprinkler system called Digital Irrigation Automation (DIA) which would detect the environment and water the plants according to the environment. Following their innovation, they decided to build more similar products which enterprises and business would use. That was the birth of this startup, Senzmate– an IoT-based startup in Sri Lanka.