Integrating the IoT world and the IT world

Enterprises and their partner services and processes seamlessly integrated

Device management

Connecting to and managing a wide range of devices


Controlling access to collected data and devices

Adapting to the future

Future-proof platform to continually evolve your technology in a consistent and stable manner

Big data analytics

A platform optimized to collect and analyze millions of events per seconds, providing batch, real-time and predictive analytics


Processing millions of generated events across thousands of devices, and growing the deployment as the number of devices grow.

Welcome to MAGMA

MAGMA is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It empowers developers to connect, create, and deploy breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications, solutions, and experiences. MAGMA connects to all of the AIMPORI components, providing a simplified, seamless approach for our in house developers to create comprehensive IoT solutions.

  • Plug and play install

    Thanks to its plug-and-play design, SenzMate can be installed in less than 15 minutes.This concept includes freezers,refrigerators,ambient temperature rooms and warehouses. Size is not an issue as SenzMate can be expanded to an almost unlimited scale. The only requirement is access to a standard Internet WiFi system.

  • Easily Access Data Anywhere

    With the Customized App, you will receive the same access to data as the normal portal but in a mobile friendly user interface. View your storage monitoring data, receive and answer alerts right from your smart phone.

  • get instant maintenance Alerts

    Set custom alert thresholds authorized recipients for each individual storage unit.Program around defrost cycles and distinguish technical excursions from material excursions.Eliminates false alerts.There is no limit to the number of Alert Contacts.Above all receive alert notifications via phone, email, text

  • Regulatory Reporting

    We not only monitor your cold storage inventory, We automate the auditing process. Our solution frees you and your staff from the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually recording cold storage readings.

MAGMA Architecture

MAGMA is one of the most stable Inhouse IoT infrastructure in the industry. MAGMA IoT infrastructure enables device manufacturers and enterprises to connect and manage their devices, manage apps, secure devices and data, and visualize sensor data in a scalable manner. It also offers a complete and secure enterprise mobility management solution.

  • Workstations [chillers and freezers] in which you want to enable monitoring and controlling
  • Electronic actuators sensors, and remote control units that enable Monitoring.
  • Monitoring and Control through automated SMS/Email Alerts

Take your IoT solutions to the next level- Enable artificial intelligence and advanced analytics at the edge

Iot User

Person or automated system that makes use of one or more end-user application.

IoT Gateway

Connects IoT devices and end-user applications to the edge services.

Peer Cloud

Third-party cloud system that provides services to bring data and capabilities to the IoT platform.

Edge Services

Provides network capability to deliver content through the Internet (DNS, CDN, firewall, load balancer).

IoT Transformation and Connectivity

Scalable messaging and transformation and secure connectivity.

End User Application

Domain-specific or device-specific application.


Contains sensor(s) and/or actuator(s) and firmware plus a network connection; may have a user interface.

Physical Entity

Real-world object that is of interest and subject to sensor measurements and/or actuator behavior.


Guides and automates data analysis, discovery, and visualization.

Process Management

Manages the process workflow

Visualization Physical Entity

Lets users explore and interact with data from the data repositories and actionable insight applications or enterprise applications.

Application Logic

Core application components, typically coordinating the handling of IoT device data, execution of other services, and supporting end-user applications.

API Management

Advertises the available service endpoints.

Device Identity Service

Identifies the device services after the user registers a device.

Device Data Store

Stores data from the IoT devices so the data can be integrated with processes and applications that are part of the IoT System.

Transformation and Connectivity

S Enable secure connection to enterprise systems and the ability to filter, aggregate, or modify the data or its format as it moves between provider cloud and enterprise application or data.

Enterprise Data

Systems of record and metadata about the data for enterprise applications.

Enterprise Applications

Applications that accomplish business goals and objectives and that may interact with cloud services.

Enterprise User Directory

Provides storage for and access to user information to support authentication, etc.

Device Management

Provides an efficient way to manage and connect devices securely and reliably to the cloud platform.

1500 IoT Devices
3 Year Warranty
365 Day Support
24 Hours hotline