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Global destination for affordable cutting edge Internet of things Research and Development
From research to large scale exploitation

SenzMate IoTLab is an international platform of services and resources for the Internet of Things (IoT), bringing together:

One-stop-shop for Adopting and Deploying Internet of Things
Integrating upgraded brain for your existing hardware
Specialized Lab to Research, Develop, and Test IoT
Business intelligence & Data visualisation
Minimum viable product development to validate your idea.
Promoting IoT for Sustainable Development
Why working with us?
We bring skills, experience & networks collected in major IoT cutting edge research projects encompassing: testbeds as a service; IoT integration, deployment, control, monitoring & maintenance services; IoT network slicing; and platform for IoT technology transfer. We are well equipped to assist you to answer your unsolved city and industrial challenges.

  • We bring the needed expertise for your IoT projects
  • We are a one-stop-shop where we master all issues of IoT projects from inception to delivery, independently of their size & complexity
  • We connect the dots between R&D, industries & markets, end-users, and SDOs
  • We bring quality networks & ecosystems (spanning IoT industries at large & major verticals)
  • High accuracy estimations and professional working culture
  • How to work with us?

    It is very simple. Just fill the contact form and we will come back to you. If you are interested to support us, you can also become a member or a sponsor.