24 APR 2019
Ensure Food Safety with Cold Chain Monitoring Sensors

When it comes to food, restaurants and hotels play the main roles. There are clearly outlined laws and guidelines that hotels are expected to follow when it comes to hygiene of foods. By the time food reaches the kitchen, members of the meat and poultry industry take many actions to assure safety. Government inspectors also oversee meat and poultry processing to verify compliance with federal regulations. Temperature should be monitored to protect foods from expiration. Most hospitality industries rely on manual monitoring, which at best gives point-in-time snapshots, leaving to feel in the dark and unable to manage food safety risk.

According to HACCP standard, every day 6 temperature data should be collected from each cold storage room at every 4 hours (24 x 7). So, Cinnamon Grand Hotel which has 150000 square feet environment and more than 140 cold storage rooms, it takes 3 hours for a person to go around. So, for 2 men its a 24 hours job. Here the job is not progressive and efficient waste of human labors.

In order to over come the issues, the steps have to be taken to receive the real time temperature of cold rooms, chillers and refrigerators from anywhere at any time. And alerts should be sent if there are any temperature fluctuations.

On 2017, our client Cinnamon Grand Hotel installed SenzMate POLAR device to monitor the temperature of cold storage rooms.

SenzMate Polar wireless sensors enable to gain real-time insights into all the locations. With our remote monitoring system, users will gain actionable insight and automate checklists to ensure compliance, quality control, and risk management. Crucially, Hygiene managers, Store keepers, site managers and the maintenance team will have unparalleled control and visibility of the status of compliance, enabling them to improve efficiency and eliminate potential food safety and compliance risks.

Adopting POLAR has been simple, SenzMate POLAR features all the HACCP checks required and alert staff when tasks are due or overdue and provide instructions on how to complete the check on hand. The system automatically creates tamper-proof, time-stamped, cloud based records, providing a complete audit trail and removing the need for any paper records.