Grow smartly – get fed by Tech

Farming and agriculture started thousands of years ago. But do you think that, today farmers will be able to fulfil the current requirements with almost limiting resources if they follow the same old farming techniques? No. Agriculture also should move with the rapidly developing technology. That is the place we will need the help of Internet of Things(IoT) in farming.

As we know farming is based on managing recourses and gaining harvest, so farmers will always be interested in new technologies where they can optimize the recourse usage precisely and achieve comparatively recognizable harvest. As they have found that IoT is going to be the next best solution for this IoT is transforming the agriculture industry and allow the farmers to overcome the obstacles they face all the time. With the help of IoT they will get the facility to interconnect all activities inside the farm and bring them all to one place where they can handle all requirement from a movement of their finger.

It is recognized that farmers always face irrigation managing problems, land managing problems, weather impacts, pest impacts and etc. So IoT applications will help the farmers to overcome these problems without putting much effort.

Even if it is the tradition and the method which is used from the beginning to observe the farm in a manual way by a person at the field, now it has become to a stage where you can observe your farm using the application which is running in your devise. It will show almost exact details of your farm. The application will notify you about the most current conditions and details of your farm. Using image processing and sensor detection your farm will be shrink into a small area which you can observe using your fingertips. So, you will be able to identify the pest attacks and other changes in your crop even if you are out of the farm or the area. And if there is going to be any sudden change of weather which can cause any problem to crop or farm it will indicate immediately via the application running in the devise.

agriculture app

Using IoT applications irrigation management system can be arranged in a way there you can operate it even without going to the field. It will help you to control the water usage while monitoring the required water level and avoid water shortages using moisture level detecting sensors already installed in the field. So, automated irrigation system can be controlled according with the live conditions of the field.

While the IoT application helps the farmer to maintain his farm it will keep the records of farm data. It will help to predict about the future harvest and will give suggestions to increase the harvest by analyzing the collected data from the farm. Other than just following the traditional crop routing and maintaining methods farmers will guided to take actions precisely. It will optimize the expenditures, man power and time.

And using this IoT applications farmers will get the chance to connect with the dealers or supermarkets without any intermediate party. Then the farmers will be able to get a comparatively remarkable price than they get when intermediate parties involved.

Introducing the concept of IoT to the farming and agriculture field we can overcome the most of problems we face with the rapid increment of population. So now it has come the era where you will not get fed from only manual farming but from IoT based tech too.