Peace of Mind for your every delivery

The e-commerce industry today has seen tremendous growth due to the coronavirus pandemic. Shoppers have been flooding these online portals as anything and everything that a transaction requires can be executed online within seconds. Now, easily deliver your groceries contactless to your apartment, or order a last minute surprise birthday present for your best friend. Despite the increased comfortability that rises among the luxury of your couch, companies are in competition to take ease and pleasure to a whole new level.

Welcome back readers! If you’ve gotten a new crave for online shopping, or are the ones who add items to the online shopping cart and never got around to it, this read is dedicated to you.

We have all depended on e-commerce during this pandemic one way or another. As stay at home restrictions tighten, we are left with no choice but to order our daily necessities online and have it delivered to us. Many online shopping brands are determined to solidify the bread and butter of their business during this epidemic, its e-commerce market and the logistics that coincides with it.

As we know, luxury comes with a high cost. Despite online shopping being a convenient way of life, the price paid correlates with the increased amenity as well. With high taxes on the items, plus the shipping cost, most of us cannot afford to not receive our prepaid items at the end. Now, you may face theft from your mailbox in your apartment, or you might not be home when your expensive fitbit that you bought to finally start working out arrives at 1:00pm on a Wednesday.


Did you ever want to pick up your package according to your OWN time schedule, while it is kept safe for you?



Did you ever think your package would have been in the right condition if not stuffed in a tight space?


No matter what your answer is to those questions, we are here to once again make your life 100x more effortless. With multiple locations across cities, we bring your dream convenience to life. Imagine picking up your packages at your own convenience from your local supermarket, convenience stores, whole food markets, apartment buildings, or any multi-unit buildings. The new technologically advanced lockers that can be deployed, acts as a self-service kiosk where one can pick up their parcels at any given time according to your convenience. These publicly placed lockers can be used by any vendor you order from, or any sender who wishes to send you a package, even your grandma who loves writing you her conventional letters.

This new, easy to use, practical form of delivery sends out a unique six digit code to you, once your package is ready for pickup from the locker. You will use this code to safely withdraw your item from the locker, avoiding theft or any sort of misplacements. Let your packages arrive at the time you desire for it to arrive, the time most convenient for your pick up. You are now able to work around your schedule without jeopardizing your personal responsibilities, for your packages. Think about it, no more of your packages being stuffed into those small, tight apartment mailboxes, or you coming home to your last minute valentine's day present to your partner being stolen by a porch thief.

Let us take luxury to a new level!