A doctor for your pills.

People consume medicine in order to treat, prevent or diagnose diseases basically. Doctors prescribe medicines for patients according to their diagnoses. But what could have happened if that medicine couldn’t perform well due to its lack of required quality. Even that particular drug is the best way to cure, it won’t be able to cure the patient since it is not in its proper condition. So, being the medicine is not enough to perform its duty. It should be in its required condition. If a drug is required to act accordingly to the requirement, why won’t it act so? There can be various reasons which avoid the drug performing its duty due to different problems.

From the manufacturing process to the process of delivery of the medicine to the patient, damages can be occurred in the medicine. So, we should need to make it sure that the medicine is safe from damages even in intermediate stages. First, we should need to identify the places where the medicine can be damaged. Then proper actions are needed to be taken to avoid those situations and ensure the quality of the medicine.

As in the process names mainly while manufacturing, storing, transporting, selling and delivering to the patient medicine can be damaged. Even if the manufacturer produces the medicine with best care and quality, it will not be able to give the required outcome due to the inabilities of storing under proper conditions. Since the medicines are highly sensitive material to temperature it should be kept under the preferable conditions to maintain its quality. And when medicine is transported from one place to another, stored and manufactured conditions can be changed drastically. Because sometimes when we order some medicine as online purchases the parcel of medicine will be shipped to the patient or to the consumer as a small parcel over different places which are in different environmental conditions. So, the possibility of being exposed to different temperature levels is high when in occasions like this. Then the original texture of the medicine can be changed when it reaches to the consumer’s hand. So, it may cause some other result after consuming such a medicine other than the expected output. And even the medicine is safely delivered to the consumer, it can be get damaged before he consumes it when it is in his hands. So, the preferable conditions should be kept till they consume the medicine.

supply chain

As we discussed earlier medical drugs should need to be taken care while it is stored and transported more. Because those are the situations where it can get damaged in huge amount. So, we can observe those situations continuously and closely to avoid damages from occurring to the medicine. At some situations observing those situations will become harder because those places are sometimes with some environmental conditions where people find hard to work with like storages with very low temperature levels. That’s why the involvement of new technology should need to be there. And when it is considered about the continue monitoring also it seems the automated monitoring is reliable than manual monitoring. Because people find it is hard to do the same thing again and again over multiple times per day. So, replacing those manual monitoring with automated system is much efficient and precise when it comes to some special situations like this. Using IoT technologies these situations can be handles easily.

And even in transportation of medicine also IoT technologies can be applied to ensure the safety of transportation. Using those techniques, we can monitor the path they take while delivering the order. Safety of the delivery can be ensured using these and get an idea about the sources of damages which can be occurred while delivering the medicine, so the relevant actions can be taken for those situations to prevent those in the future. So, the mobility won’t be a problem to overcome those situations when we use IoT technologies.

So, if we follow these methods in the processes from the medicine manufacturing to delivery to the consumer we will be able to ensure the effectiveness of the medicine we consume. Because those methods will diagnose, prevent and treat the damages which can cause damages to the medicine. So, these methods are acting like some sort of a treatment to the pill itself which you take. The new technological applications are acting like a doctor to the pill which is there to treat people. A doctor to the pill you take, don’t you think so?