SenzMate is a Sri Lankan based Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) solution company. Senzmate provides end to end solutions for enterprise applications with 100% local knowledge and state of the art innovation.

Our best of breed solutions and framework enables IoT communication like no one else does. Giving you ability to harness power of "Internet of Things" and achieve multi fold improvement in effectiveness of your business processes. Overtime we have identified existing problems across multiple sectors which could have been solved by new IoT technologies and offering most innovative systems solutions for local businesses at affordable cost.

  • IOT Devices
  • Mobile Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Cloud Application
  • Analytic Tools
  • Research and Development


One and Only IoT based Service Company for Enterprises
In One Brand :SenzMate

We provide complete IoT solution under one brand for many sectors. Our packages includes whole IoT/M2M Solutions with Embedded Systems, Wireless Communications, Cloud applications and Client applications. In addition to this basic IoT systems, our systems have analytic features to analyze long term data to improve the processes of businesses.

We are having technical partnership with industries to implement innovative IoT system for improve their efficiency. We have a perfect combination of business research team and technical team to analysize the problem of industries to propose suitable new technologies to solve them.

We provide continuous maintainence service for our whole solutions in annual service basis

Embedded Systems 90%

Wireless Network80%

Cloud Application 100%

Client Applications 100%

Analytic Tools 70%


They have already started to work with us.
We gave Smart IoT basedsolutions for their problems

IronOne Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is using the SenzMate's product EMS (Environment monitoring system) to monitor the server room currently. This solution includes temperature, water, fire, smoke monitoring and alert when they are out of threshold. a Perfect product for remote server room management.

thumb Buddhika Abeygoonerathe
Associate Manager, IronOne Technologies

We have been working with SenzMate (Pvt) Ltd for more than one year. they have provided us environment monitoring system for cold storage room in our Topaz hotel,Kandy we've achieved a great efficieny in the food quality maintenance and employee resource management, which has been pretty remarkable. We would like to collaborate with them more in future.

thumb Shehara Jayawardana
Director McLarens Hotels Limited